Moyblik's Freaking On Fire!

We've been going several weeks, and we're up to 46 posts. Let's keep it going!

Several things:
1)How many of our dear readers use the CS Black theme?
2)I changed my screen name on CSF, back to Dezperado. So there.
3)Brenden doesn't mind us ripping him off, or he'd have killed me long ago.

New little thingamabob

I'm gonna rip of Brenden (sorry dude) and make a "recent events" list in our way- too- long list of links. Oh well, I tried to make the important parts near the top. These are the contests:

Hooray! Isn't that great??

EDIT: Dang! I keep spelling Mr. spade's name wrong.


miik r teh rok.

Mike Yoder is at it again, this time with a... Wait, that's about the most overused first sentence in Lego blogging.

I'll just start by saying, Mike Yoder's latest MOC, (not micro, I think he's tired of p0wning us all at that,) is awesome. While he admits the wheels are too big and the gun on top ought to be a turret, the rest far outweighs that. I wish I had that many 1x2x2 smoke panels, if any at all. I love the doors, at first glance they almost look as if they're just panels to make the side look nicer. The gun, while seeming a bit out of place, is quite well built. And overall it's just really cool.

But it was sooo third grade...

Azumu continues his (semi-) legendary series of pokemon in lego. That's right. Pokemon. Lego. OMG. The new guys look like Swinub, Luvdisk, and Wurmple. Wurmple is so cute! :3


Musical Motivation: The Decemberists, as usual.

And on a second note, Izzo made some drool- inducing hardsuits with bionicle masks. Dewd.
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Hound Dog

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First, a little tidbit to wake y'all up. I really like the series of J5N "empolyees" this guy is doing.

And now, for our Featrue Presentation:
Linus Bohman has always been my favorite guy to blog. He always makes such fun stuff. Kinda like Ley, except he posts more. His new fighter is a good example of...uh..of... well, it's a good example of something. It looks really simple, and a bit boring, but it also features some nice shapes, and a cool cockpit.
maybe 4 out of 5 right there.

His second new MOC is the one I really like. Check out the freaky yellow-white goodness. It really looks scary with all the spikes and stuff thrown on. I'm awfaid. I really like how outlandish this thing is. Bohman has never been afraid to challenge convention a bit. Well done.

Musical Influence: Elvis


Oh yeah forgot

Moko proves that he is once again, the ultimate king of japanese lego builder dudes. Except Gla-Gla. and Kerouac. And toshiya. But anyways, he is the king. yeah.

deen r teh rok

Fellow Moyblik member Dean Hofmeyer made a super- jiggle- acious "anti-tank fighter." Here it is on flickr.
Nice snot/fin work there, definately a (Kyle) freze-esque style-- and that's a good thing!! Not sure why the police would use dark green... but it sure does look nice. Heh.

EDIT: Okay. It's german police or somethin.

-Musical Motivation: The White Stripes

p.s. I think I posted this because we all feel a little bit snotty when we post our own stuff :D


We Really Need a Title System.

Legohaulic proves he's still awesome with this freaking sweet tank. I really really really really really really really really really really really really like the dk blue highlights. They're just so win. The secondary gunner/cockpit is kinda cool. It break the flow of what would be a pretty normal looking tank. I need to get some of those treads so I can build tanks.



From long-time tinker-er Mike Crowly (aka Countblockula) comes an interesting flickr idea. "Foitsop," meaning First One In The Series Of Pictures. Tag the "announcement" photo for a MOC, or the first in the series, with "foitsop." When other AFOLs want to quickly find the new flickr creations, they do a quick search for recent pictures tagged with "foitsop." Nifty, no?


Planet of the Exo-Apes

I just thought this vignette from Brickshelfer Y-Bros-K was worth a mention.

Castle MOCs

Check out this Very well done castle. I love all the tiled floors. The walls are well done as well, they look like real stone. The little table for the guards to sit at is a nice touch. I gotta get back to castle some day...

Another castle themed MOC, this time by Bshelf user Astuanax. LOTR is usually fun.

*Ignore the title for these two tidbits*
Cute lil bot
Keg rack (Chuck's space kegs are getting a fair bit of use)


Vroom Vroom.

Count Blockula continues his set of excellent Mario Kart characters with Mario. The building style is great, and while Mario isn't the most poseable figure in the world, he definitely conveys his Mario-ness very well. Now just make Luigi, Mike! Should be easy enough.

In other news, Spook is back with yet another rockin' awesome microscale ship, the "Kitsu Farenze Destroyer." While I personally would redo the bridge, it's really cool anyway. I really look forward to more great stuff from spook.



Don Solo made a sweet MoonDozer. Awesome bricks/technic meld and futuristic feel, with the beefed-up rollcage and high ground clearance. Neat tread arrangement too...


Welcome to Moyblik

As you may have noticed, we added Mr. Dean Hoffmeyer to our blogger list.
Welcome aboard mate.

Allies capture the forward bunker! (Or Romhaller's Druzynik tank)

Thanks to Dale (Unit 186 ) for pointing out this tank on Flickr. As "Captain Unknown" was the first to point out, the front looks a lot like the window of an axis bunker from the FPS Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Hence the title.

Some of the really cool things about this are the nearly studless construction, the really cool half-brick-built tracks, and the bunker on the front. The use of tiles and curved slopes along with the occasional 1x1 round plate makes for a really clean riveted armor look. The tracks make really good use of the fact that old-style tank tracks can attach to the bottom of a 1xn plate or tile. And the bunker... Well, it's not really a bunker, but as a tank basically serves the same function as a bunker, only it moves, that's OK. The same purpose applies especially on this one, obviously, as it... has a bunker on the front. Well almost. Whatever. Bunker. Tank. Tanker. Bunk. I should shut up now.


Can't we love both?

Moyblik is going on strong! Woo-hoo!

I have two things. One is castle, from a fairly random brickshelf gallery, Dandily, but it sure is pretty. He made a beautiful lighthouse, and apparently the light is a dragon! The Vikings brought him some tasty food. It's simple, but very well made and looks great.

On the other hand, Jerrac, one of my favorite spacers, has made another wonderful microscale ship, a miner, as he calls it. He always has excellent colorization and contrast, as well as sculpting and SNOT. This is no exception-- great job!!

Musical Motivation: The Shins


From Moyblik's Very Own Lukas....

Comes this decent cargo carrier. My favorite thing about it is the construction. Plain ole' good n simple studs-up. No fancy tricks or crazy ideas. Just a fun little craft. The details that have been added since the WIP version really help. Nicely done Lukas.


Oreo McFlurries and a Bag of Fries.

Spook's new Angelfire Tank is just short of awesome. I love it. The use of turntable tops is sweet.

And Mike Yoder continues building his Blackwater mercenary fleet. Between the name, the ships themselves, and the fact that it's a mercenary fleet period, this is the awesomness batch of microscale I've seen in a while.


Space Bot Punk

teh gil has made a sweet little cargo carrier (okay, it isn't really little, but it's not huge or nothing.) Like my WIP carrier, he ditched fancy SNOT for a simple, nice clean look. I dunno. I really like it.

And following after Soren's "Mr. Choppy", spook made a micro-sized version. From the flickr thumbnail (as many commented...) it looks like the original. Neat!

And after joining the flickr group LEGO, a new builder has arrived, building steampunk, and made an awesome Steampunk wheel chair! It's simple, but clean and the gears totally rock.


Gip Metro's Yacht

From longtime space builder Felix Greco comes an awesome new ship.
I've always loved Felix's use of shapes in his MOCs. Always swooshy and curving. His work is some of the first I saw with dk blue. I generally just love his stuff.
And this is no exception. Beautiful curves, awesome shapes, decent greebling. Makes me wish I had a butt-load of dk blue. And while the outside has a retro-old school build in places, the interior really shines. Nice detail, good use of parts. It's da bomb diggety so to speak.

K, I've raved enough for now. Later.


Creature Contest

Since I wasn't really doing anything administrative, I'm probably just gonna judge. Here are summa the best (...which means most of the entries. Almost everything is excellent.)

-=Megan Rothrock has a crudload of entries, but my favorites is the simple, deadly, zothoparas.
-=Aidan has a nifty little snake-like thing going here.
-=Nick made a cuddly-wuddly little creature.
-=Arpy has a Xenomorph-esque beast here (careful, it stings)
-=Arpy also made a very organic-looking Cloudflitter.
-=Linus made the adorably simple spunk.
-=Brandon made a sweet little Pekkling. It's like a moon-turtle/crab. *poke* *curl*

That's it. Good job guys.

Musical Motivation: iTunes on Shuffle...

EDIT: Spook made a sweet little jelly-thing. Veery nice.


So Far So Good

Moyblik is up running strong. Here's hoping it keeps up that way.
So anyway, I have for you, an entire gallery of awesomness. (that I'm sure most of you have seen already)
My favorite is the DeLorean. (Yes, I am hooked on BTTF now)
Coming in second is probably the Torino from Starsk & Hutch.

And third is the Skyline. Some nice work there.

Whatszattt? you want curent material? sheesh.
Fine, chew on this,this and thisfor a while.

Mijasper returns

A master fig builder (he should have been in my fig ALOCS...) has brought us two new installments: Van Gogh and Darwin. The Van Gogh isn't that new, but the easel is very nice. He added that and a few others to his "things" gallery.

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