Jollen of Brickshelf has pimped out his already quite good White Racer. The result is excellent. From the simplistic greebling to the wonderful color blocking, the nice conbination of windscreens, the unobtrusive sloping of the engine pods, the awespme landing gear, and the great photography... wait, no, the photography isn't quite there, but it's better than a lot that I see that does have the backdrop behind the model.



How better to redeem a withering Space blog then to post an amazing re-enactment of one of mankind's greatest achievements to date: the landing on Ganeymede.

Just Cause We're Spacers Doesn't Mean We Don't Blog Castle...

SlyOwl built a shanty town. Check out the use of treads as the roof on the shed.


I'm So Proud of You Guys.

Summer ending brings around something frightening similar to hell. It's called school.
Although in all fairness, I love my Creative Writing class, my Lit teacher is the funniest teacher I've ever had, and Illustrator is like heaven at my fingertips.
Either way, it means I'm one busy dude these days, and I'm glad Dean stepped in to pick up the slack.
So, here's my contribution.
A fighter by BShelf user aasantos.
It's a bit chunky, and it could use some filling out in places (Kinda like your mom when she was 13?)
But I see promise in it, and for now I'll just enjoy it. [mom][/mom]


Beat you to it!

I saw your draft.

Anyway, Kidthor has produced yet another mech stomping out of the WH40K universe- a dreadnought. A very big dreadnought.

I'm assuming that's not your real name.

While MOCpages is known to be composed mostly of below-average MOCs (mostly due to the preteen demographic that makes up most of its population) a few rare gems (and not just from well-known builders such as Keith Goldman) do occasionally turn up. Here are a couple of examples:

Someone calling himself "Nunoyo Bizznizz" has built a brilliant "ultramarine dreadnought." see the next post (or the MOCpage) for a picture.

Other than the terrible photoshopped reflection on the cover pic and the annoying inset music (the player's at the bottom so you can turn it off,) you'll notice that Raymond's All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) is a great example of how an MOCpage can be of high quality.


Just a Notice

Everyone seems to be very excited over at TBB about the 2009 sets leak, but all the talk has been pirates, farmers, blah blah blah...


Here's what I think.

1. It's clearly labeled an RC car. That means powered drive and steering.

2. The floating hands are controlling the car via a PF remote, and you can see the IR receiver poking up just in front of the rear spoiler.

3. The chassis is only eight studs wide. There is only one kind of motor you can fit in that kind of space and still have room for all of the detailing on top (in addition to a battery pack):



ornj gurl

Why do we misspell things here? To be cool, obviously. How interested would you be if the title was "Orange Girl"? Not very, I'll tell you that. Here's another "unmanned control experiment machine" from sugegasa:

Oh, sugegasa. Who else builds mecha with bangs on a regular basis?


There Are No Rules

As Andrew Lee proves by destroying all the set guidelines to the NASCAR fad, with
this super cool car.


Tankin' through SPACE...

I wish Soren would upload more than one picture of his models, because they're pure eye candy.


Hey, no tongue!



And today, guns.

Yeah, there have ben some decent models posted today. Some of them are kind of cool. I might even blog one of them if I have to... wait. What's this? Dan Jassim to the rescue!

There is no doubt that his Blacktron Destroyer is worthy of our hall of awesome. In particular, he's used a giant UFO piece on the front; those are hard to incorporate at full-scale, let alone micro.


What, no guns?

Jehkay is continuing his theme of exploration vehicles with this truck:

Visit his photostream to see it in action, and read the fun description.


All I Ask Is A Tall Ship And A Star To Steer Her By.

One of my favorite builders from my early days on CSF is Chris Mallow (porschecm2)
His latest build is this lovely microscale cruiser. My favorite parts are the stripes on the aft, and the indention in the bow. Nice shaping using simple techniques.



9.49 PM

As I type this, our area is being hit by a ferocious thunderstorm. It was only raining when I walked outside to get my root beer from the store, but now the roads are rivers, and the lawn is half-white with small, grape-sized hail. At one point, there was a thunderclap that sounded like a large gunshot.

Damn, I love this weather.


12.54 AM

Slight flooding in the basement, looks like the ground was just that saturated. Moved all the furniture off the wall and now we're standing on towels to absorb the water. Thankfully, we're getting off with a bit of dampness. It's still raining mediumly, and thunder and lightning are frequent.

Recipe For The Day

Step 1: Otto builds a hovercraft
Step 2: I see said hovercraft.
Step 4: I blog it.

Post Script.
I <3 YSAB.


I can sleep easily now.

I was wondering where Tim Zarki had gotten to.

He was apparently building this beauty. Take a look through the gallery, read the description- they're well worth your time.

PS- saw Dark Knight. Friggin awesome. Does that make all of us?


It's Tuesday

Nnenn has built a Viper from BSG, "developed by a lost Battlestar from that lost episode..."

Good enough for me.


EGG's for breakfast

Kwi-Chang has built another mecha, and this time, it's a hardsuit:

He's also built a little truck to lug it around. Every time I see something like this, it inspires me to try my hand at mecha again- maybe I'll give it another go.

Interesting technique: see how the mech is fake-grabbing the sword?

Chapter 420 In Which Dez Falls in Love.

I'd demand to know who changed the blog description, except I don't particularly care.
Instead, I'll show you this creation from Jerac. (Jerrec, Jerrac, Jerec, I always get confused.)
The good news is, I could tell whose work it was just from the thumbnail. That's style for you.

On a side note, I developed an obsession with Dark Knight over the past week. Insanity is bound to follow. >_<


Einheit-Diesel kf3

Legotron has built some great military models, and his Einheit-Diesel kf3 is no exception:

I like the deceptively simple construction on this one. Also, I noticed that the headlights are grey, not transparent- that would never have crossed my mind.

Chapter 16 In which Jas Build A Mech.

Jas Nagra brings us this wonderful little mech. Check out the subtle color variation on those stripes, and the missile packs (I assume) on the legs. Kickass. Furthermore, he was inspired by Brain K (Mondaynoodle)


Happy Robot Day 3!

But angry alien wants to kill the humanoids...

(credit thwaak)

And Send All My Loving, Too You.

This microscale creation caught my eye last night, so I resolved to blog it this morning. It really is quite fantastic. The stripe on the front, the greeble section embedded in the nose, and the asymmetry of it all come together in a winning combination.

The Beatles rock.


Today's Discovery

Guess what? There's this guy named Matt on MOCpages who built this helicopter-mecha!

In the Future, The Hoomins Is Am Are Dead.

The way I see it, anyone who reads this blog is probably a contact of Peter Reid on Flickr anyway, but I figured I'd share it anyway.
I love the use of frogs as shoulders, and the head. Pure awesome.

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