MDI69_Blokhead Aaron Williams is fast becoming my favorite mecha builder. His textures are superb, as are the destails. He's really found a way to make LEGO elements look functional.



Here's one of those instances where size is something to be appreciated. I normally find small weapons on large ships tacky, and I was about to overlook the Hephaestus' armaments, but their integration into the hull with 1 x 6 x 2 arches is quite a feat. The textures Nathaniel puts to uses are smart, too:"Hephaestus"

This blue guy by Danny Rice is one of the best examples of large-scale LEGO spaceship-building. See it on Brickshelf. Notice how both these ships are a color other than grey! Colors, folks!
Gaia [Racer Varient]
At Young Spacers, we love racers. This space racer is another great model by Nathaniel. The bubble canopies on both of Nathaniel's works featured here are a nice nod to the PCS and Eastern Bloc .SPACE factions of yesteryear.


Where've ya been

Weaver2. I recognize Brian Kescenovitz's style has being characteristically "chunky", but his latest mecha looks to have a lot of air between its panels and plates. I think it's great—thanks to the low volume-weight ratio, the model can bear an intimidating silhouette while looking nimble.
WEAVER Heavy Combat Armor

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