I don't have the time to post regularily yet...

... but I just wanted to post this before Andrew.


3...2...1.....BLAST OFF (To Planet Awesome)

Tyler (Legohaulic) is a favorite on Lego blogs, and it's no wonder. Just look at this excellent little dio consisting of the heroic spaceship and the villainous rocket.
We've seen retro inspired spacecraft before, but more often than not, they don't adopt the Gothic/steampunk look that Tyler used.


"Just a little bit of the awesomesauce, I'm on a diet"

Flickrite SlyOwl built a fighter for the 14x14 challenge. The use of 2x2 dishes to create the cockpit is obviously the most notable part of the craft, but I enjoy the overall shape of the vessel best.
In other news, Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) built a nifty little VTOL
Check it out on Flickr


" We the minifigs are not alone..."

There are two things I love about Dan Rubin (AKA Happy Weasel):
1. He knows how to build awesome ships and
2. He knows how to build awesome aliens

This alien is part of the labor caste. Isn't all the little detail amazing? O and uhh... hope that guy is not gonna be me... So look out minifigs! The aliens may come after you!



Power Rangers reference ftw.

It's a shame brickfilms don't get blogged as often as they should. Zach of MindGame Studios recently published a film based on the new Power Miners theme:

Be sure to check out his you tube channel. This one is probably my favorite.


"It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it!"

Of course I know, yes I'm sorry... I've been busy! I felt bad for being unable to blog for the past few days so I'm now up past midnight bloggin!
Peter Morris introduced two nifty compact ships that he recently built. First up the YSF-111a Maugrim:

Second up, the YPB-12a Visigoth:

Yeah there small but I doubt they're the grunts! Peter built these and entered into the Small Starfighter contest over on flickr group SCI LUG. Go check out all the other sweet pocketfighters!


Shannon Ocean's VOATs

... for lack of a witty title...

VOAT is a lesser-known fad/bandwagon, compared to the recent IATTAR. It was also started by a lesser known builder, a guy named Nate on mocpages. Australian builder Shannon Ocean is one of the few (4!) who has jumped on the bandwagon, and has amassed his own flotilla. See below for his most recent (and my favorite) Spyrus "Vulture X".
The framework ads visual interest and I'm always happy to see the spyrus space theme getting some well-deserved attention.


And We're Back!

Welcome to YSAB, 2009 Edition. As you can see, we put that break to good use and slacked off!
Now, on to those MOCs.

Brickshelf user mondaynoodle produced an interesting racer for nnenn's IATTAR
The coloring and style fit the name well, giving us the image of an exotic racer.

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