Known as Novvember to those in the know, the month of November is all about hairy men building a ton of ships that all look the same.

Highlights from this year's event include but are not limited to:




It's funny, cause I have homework I should be doing. Hahaha. Wait no, that's not funny.



I know it's late, buddy, but I haven't forgotten. Chase, if you didn't all know, builds some pretty cool SPACE things. HERE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVOURITES.



By DeviantArt user Sketchboook:

And Phoenix-06:



I've been a fan of Martin's microspace, and his latest doesn't disappoint.

He demonstrates color control by managing to sneak in some dark red amidst the greys and the blue, and the textures give it a very "real" aesthetic. This particular model seems to show a leap forward in his photography and presentation as well.


It makes things go really, really fast.

By MOCpages username "Space Pirate" for a contest cooked up by Shannon Young. Also features some unbelievable crazy-good original ships:

Look at them curves.


Nathaniel Brill of MOCpages brings us a great subway station that's worth checking out.

No zombies, sorry.



Yeah, I built.

The Gungnir interceptor is designed to chase down and destroy priority targets. It does this with its heavy pulse cannon. For defense against other fighters, the Gungnir is also armed with two small turrets, sixteen missile tubes, and electronic countermeasures.



Yes, yes he does. And it is awesome.

Dave Sterling Vs. Crismo Giger

In round Six of the MOColympics over at mocpages.com .

Sterling won with his Life-Size NES:

...And matching controllers and "tetris" game pak.

However I did find Crismo Giger's entry more creative, he uses decorative technic pieces to mimic the backdrop of an old-skool shoot 'em up. It's refreshing in the sense that 99% of the Lego builds out there are built with the third dimension in mind.

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