When One Forgets To Check Brickshelf: A cautionary tale.

There once was a little boy,
who blogged about a building toy.
he forgot to check Brickshelf,
and therefore deprived himself
Of Izzo's latest Mech.
So he said what the heck,
I'll blog it.

So that's what I'm doing. As my little on-the-spot poem said, Izzo has a new mech. Two, actually. Excellent inspiration for my current MOC project.

"28" is really cool, I love the gun. Also the purple. The feet are pretty nice too.

"29" is my favorite of the two. Wow. the bike... just wow.

As usual, pics = links.

Ariana’s Revenge from Peter Morris

After abstaining from naming this post something like "omg I r bild," I had to find something to name it. So that's my excuse for the lame title. At least it's descriptive.

Ariana's Revenge looks a lot like a Naboo Starfighter, but in a very good way, a chunky way. Rawr. Ah yes, the mandatory linkage.

Pugiunculus Support Mech by Arpy

What a lucky frog, Ensign Tupperware is, to be put behind the controls of such a beautious machine. Ahh, I can hear the Hyoomins screaming in fear just looking at it.

(Pic = link)



Fellow blogmate nick got back from school for a weekend and whipped up this beauty. It's great, awesome landing gear, sculpting, and those rotors are sweet.



Jain's Guide

Jay-dubya (aka Jason Whittenburg) has a site that links in with Classic-Space, called "Jain's Intelligence Daily."

It's got cool features like Brickverse today, which is a listing of all the newest posts in all the lego blogs out there (in fact this post will probably appear there in a matter of minutes)

And then the CSF MOC report, showing all the newest creations in a colorful, easy way.

Keep up the sweet site! :O


nnenn does it again. Quality work with a capital "awesome"
I especially love the checkboard pattern on the nose. But then, you knew that right?


guuurgh... Moko...

I know he's a blogging favorite on so many blogs, but the stuff he makes is just so great I can't pass it up!

Anyway, he seems to be having fun with his 'basic frame'- a compact mecha armature. The newest versions:

An earlier version was posted on the blog a little while back by mike, but somehow he passed on highlighting this awesome missile box...


Pepik's "Future Space Etc"

Brickshelf user Pepik brings us a nice future oil well fire. But we all know it's Post-Apoc. Actually, one of the reasons I like this so much is because it feels like late-90's Lego. Both of the vehicles seem to have almost a Rock Raiders kind of feel to them. Anyway, just enjoy!

In other news...I am about to blog something that is not Lego. It is in fact cheese. Yes. I am blogging a MOC that is made out of cheese. There's a first for everything. Yes, I'm serious. Every once in a while there are people on Flickr that add me as their contacts and don't build with Lego. They're either predators (just kidding) or other hobbyists. Curis seems to be into a mixture of things, but I wouldn't have thought he'd be into cheese. Sure enough, though, he is. Here we have Curis going to the local store to buy materials:

Just like most of us would use Bricklink, Curis buys his cheese in large quantities at the best price. Next he begins cutting the cheese:

Not figuratively, but literally. Eventually he shapes it out into what he invisions.

He'll add a few extras, like the red highlights, and the flaming fireballs (which are made from a different type of cheese). And now it's done!

Okay, I'm hungry for a cheesestick. Go ahead and view the rest in his photostream (link at the top of the photos).



Spooky Tim (who made the header) has now added a subtle starry background to the blog. Yay!



A few pictures of the new dwarves

And Ley built something

Brickshelf Bio: Jarek

Okay, so it isn't exactly a bio, but more of a portfolio-view of a brickshelf builder; Jerrec (I think his real name is Jarek, but whatever.) He's been around for quite a while, the first real appearance I can remember is his post on CSF of the then work-in-progress Swiss Medical Frigate. Since then, he's established himself as a great microspace builder, but has covered an array of other themes as well. Most prominent is his swiss fleet of ships, most microscale, and currently has a few minifig-scale MOCs. Here's the list of swiss:

Whew. Anyway, his swiss work is excellent, and lots of fun to browse through. Jarek has also developed a certain style of steampunk for himself, using more tan and more smooth shapes than 'traditional' steampunk. Be sure to check out the flyer if nothing else. Again, he builds in a lot of other themes as well, so flip through his brickshelf to see it all. I chose a couple of prominent works to wrap up this link dump:


inspire :: Inspiration Art Gallery

Through CSF, I have found a new gallery of assorted concept art from many places. I would take a nice long look if I were you...


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