You know some space stuff for a space blog

UNES Odyssey 21
Hades Starfighter
Courtesy of Kyle's and Jerac's photostreams. Jerac does wonderful things with wedge plates, and the use of a pair of 3787 mudguards as a laserport is inspired. 


Flight of the wedges

Arrowhead I've always enjoyed Legodrome's creations. They're made of fairly austere geometry, but the builder uses the large surfaces of his starships and aircraft as a canvas for thoughtful detailing. I particularly like the trio of bulbs made by the cockpit and the four wedges on either side just behind it. I think it's neat that both the older 6069 and the newer 64225 are used; the combination of straight and curved slopes suggests a tear-drop shape.

SSL-Multishot Mark Stafford's space freighter is based on a Peter Elson illustration. It's actually an old creation, he originally posted in back in 2006. It's still has vivid as it was when I viewed it as a MOCpages lurker, so check it out.

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