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I'd like to dedicate this post to anyone and everyone who was hit by the VirginiaTech Massacre. My prayers are with you.

And now, some laygoes!
Fellow blogger Brenden is by far, one of the best at building Microscale (only topped perhaps, by Mike Yoder and Spook)
So when he pumps out a new MOC we all get happy. Or at least, you should. I really like the engine section and how he resolved several parts around it. some of the best microscale engines I've seen. I always find it amazing how a builder improves over time.

Musical Influence: Smashmouth.


X-fighter contest

After asking over on CSF, Roy Cook directed me to a cool contest on FBTB. The X-wing evolution contest is currently up and running! Sounds like a pretty cool idea, and even though I'm not a FBTB member, It might spur some building. I have seen 2 entries, this one and this. Olog's in particular is very nice...

And a strange japanese (?) brickshelf builder; Nori, has a pretty little scooper hardsuit, apparently from Fullmetal Panic. Check out the rest he has as well.


Where the Streets have no Name

Check out this cute lil' purple fellah.

And this really cool Izzo mech (I wonder if izzo is aware how often he gets blogged?) I love the color layout and weapon here.

Musical Influence: U2


Moko's Furniture

Moko (who else?) has a great series of Furniture going. Don't forget to keep updated on his blog!


It's Such a Rip Off.

I want my spring back.
In the meantime, here's some cool MOCs too please the masses.
Izzo Mech
Tim Gould's forklift


What can I say?

It's good to self-promote! I have a third G2 ship, my third Industry bot (but he's #1!), and an airship WIP. Even some gun scraps! Hey, I could use more comments! ;-)

But I have actual blog stuff too. Brickshelf Inhert (who earned the honourable spot of a slot in my "steampunk" inspiration bookmarks folder, so you should check it out) has made some Really nice shotguns! For minifigs, I don't mind modded pieces. I don't mind them with nnenn either. hehe.

Izzo has an interesting series of pictures, showing the evolution of a mech from a blocky frame to a smooth piece of articulated slopes. Nifty!

And one of my favorite builders, Jerac (or Jerrec, or Jerrac, or something) has made a lovable, smooth, and not-necessarily tiled, space racer. I love it. The Green. The spoiler. The front fins. The smooth "spine." Even the teeeny engine size doesn't bother me! It's just awesome! IT MAKES ME GIGGLE WITH DELIGHT!

yeah I'm kinda hyper today.

Musical Motivation: Franz Ferdinand


Man in the Mirror

B-Shelf user BlankSpace has an awesomeSteampunk folder, take a peek.

Musical Influence: Michael "I still Like Him" Jackson.

Art of the Month?

I have this idea.
That once a month, Moyblik posts something resembling concept art (a single picture, or maybe a gallery, as I will do today.) It isn't meant as a group build or anything, but just for a little bit of idea- inspiring imagery.

So to get it started, I want to remind everybody of the great work that flickr "cutangus" (real name is Jose Garcia) has some excellent 3-D work that is great for some futuristic military building. I like this one the most (the picture.)

EDIT: Actually, I've decided just to post inspirational stuff whenever I fee like it. That's better.

And the guy who was mentioned here for his scooter, and on TBB for his Zoomer, Kaitimar, proves to be a promising builder with his wonderful hovercar: The Wolf. Now I can't say I approve of the underside (but who am I to talk?), but other than that, this has a great shape and great slope work! Plus, opening gull wing doors, and a visible engine. Sweetness.



This mech seems to suffer from a critical case color cordination (try saying that five times real fast) very good details, and a simply dreadful case of armored warrior look. In other words, it's awesome.


ATRV? I prefer scooters

Infamous (or maybe just famous...) Mladen Pejic has done it again, with an excellently built "All Terrain Recreational Vehicle." As he states on the page, it is a mechanoid chassis for "habitation pods" so those city dwellers can hop into a 300 sq-ft house and view those untamed regions of the planet. An Interesting Idea, and an interesting mecha. Unlike his usual weapon-clad multipeds ([1] - [2]), this has spindly legs, and no cool looking armor (gasp). At least the good old Mladen color blocking is still evident, but a little more mixed than usual. But he still proves more than his worth as a builder, if he can make a toilet look space-age. Heck, even the weird, strangely colored pods look sweet. I like the ladders too :D

On the other hand, brickshelf "Kaitimar" made an attractive retro-space scooter. I love it.


Stayin' Alive

The weapons are definitly the coolest aspect of this model. The light blue does wonders. I look forward to more models of this caliber. Man, this just makes me giggle. It's so rutting cool. Is it proof yer a geek when you start using swears from a sci-fi show?

Musical Influence: The Bee Gees.

Oh look what I have here.

First blog post. YAY ME

Anyways, Tim Gould made a little car and I love it and want to build a whole bunch of my own.

And good ol Chuck pulled a leaf from Mike C's book, and made a Mario Kart character. But not just any...a nice version of everyone's favorite robotic NES peripheral,R.O.B.! Joys! Now finish his kart.

And seeing as Brickfest is over, check out Legozilla and Mike C's flickrs for eyefuls of PDXness.

And away I go back into the woodwork.

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