Dave Eaton

David Eaton is a great builder you may not have noticed before, but you should really see some of his stuff. By far his most impressive MOC is this monster AT-AT from Star Wars, but he has also created a replica of the rebel base from Episode V.

Check This Out:

You gotta love Adrain Florea's models, with this recent MOC he demonstrates his skill for playing with negative space. The orange striping is particularily well done.


Happy Turkey Day!

Turkeys especially love it around my house, due to the epidemic of vegetarianism that enshrouds it.

Image courtesy of Adrian Drake, used and altered without permission.


BMP-5 Zhukov IFV

I think I've loved about every thing Aleksander Stein has built so far, but this is really beautiful.

Take a look through the whole set, and try to guess how many minifigures it fits.

Jerac gives us a lesson in part usage

Jerac has used some truck pre-fabs from this set on his recent microscale freighter:

They add an intresting texture; one that adds an industrial feel. And the stickers look great, too. Total yum.

Check out the thread on CSF.


Hazel is a new face over on flickr, and has already made a impression with some amored vehicles, see here and here.

He also has made some great custom sci-fi headgear for minifigs:

Some builders might not like this sort of thing, but the quality here is incredible. Be sure to check out his gallery .


The Feast is nearing....

If you haven't been following Chris Parkinson's large, and very creative, spaceship then well...you should! He has great pictures of his construction and zoomed in pictures of the details one might miss.

On another note, I will be away for a week, so hopefully nothing crazy will happen nor anything great to be unveiled whilst I'm away- I fear the apocalypse is nearing and I won't be able to blog it...ugh the agony.



I Shall Call This Post "Cabbage" Because "Untitled" Is Just Lame

I can't believe I'm actually posting.

1) My uncle died last week.

2) I've been going apeshit over a certain female.

3) School has been sucking my time like nothing else can.

Good Gravy. I've been busy.

And yet, I find time to blog this awesome fightercraft by Flickrite Hase0.

As well as this craft by Flickrite McZargald. The use of color blocking and stickers makes this a beauty to behold.

Stay tuned, there are rumors that I'll be producing MOCs again soon.


I'm still alive!

Daniel Jassim certainly deserves a lot more attention with his awesome creations. A builder based on space, like most of us here at YSA(duh!), he makes ship-building look easy. Daniel builds small and large ships, I happened to choose my favorite of his recent uploads, the Y-wing Advanced.

Lovely lime green trim surely throws a ton of flavor into the creation. *take note*

If you want to see more of Daniel's photostream, which I encourage, then click Here


Don't insult a Centuar...

Large ships have a way with killing themselves with their large size combined with the difficulty in giving it a sleek shape. But Fazoom has conquered this barrier and produced the Centaur, a ship I (and many others) have been awaiting on its completion. I'd hate to run into this in space and be the enemy...You'd spare me right Fazoom?

Chris Gidden's Photostream

*Dez's Insert*
I just had to get in on this post.
It's been several years since I first saw a PCS creation. Since then, I've seen countless ripoffs, multiple MOCs in the same theme, and quite a few works from Chris. This might be one of my favorites.
The thought that's been out into every aspect of this ship is mindblowing. As per the norm, the details are spot on. I look forward to more Justice-filled goodness from Chris.


SF-100B Cobra

Since it is Novvember, I will be covering the VicVipers that are beautifully built; unless of course you catch my eye ;)

Peter Morris caught my attention with his latest SF-100B Cobra. An amazing build with large guns, big engines, and of course a comfy cockpit! This blows the vicviper minimum requirements away. What do you think?

For more on Peter Morris, vist his photostream.


Pure Greeb'

I was totally taken by surprise when I saw nnenn's new Exatikon fighter. It is almost totally made of greeb. Of course he knows how to catch all our attention.

See nnenn's photostream.


Legohaulic's "Rusty Saber" VicViper

Although Nnenn and Peter Morris are spearheading Novvember, many other talented builders have jumped on the bandwagon as well, such as Legohaulic. Here is his Rusty Saber. The repeated shapes add a lot of visual interset, and it's always nice to see brown used well in a space MOC.

Andrew Lee is the One.

This is awesome. 'nuff said.


Rockets, Rayguns, and Robots

SlyOwl from flickr hasn't built much space, but his recent battle scene doesn't dissapoint. It's also nice to see some of the less popular space themes getting some attention.


Kelso does it again!

TBB beat me to it but I might as well post this for those who happen to miss it. Mark Kelso has divulged another beaut'; He calls it the Rusty Ferret. Its a wonder where he gets all these pieces...

Check out other photos on Mark Kelso's Photostream.


Need an Escort?

If you happened to miss Happy Weasel's latest addition to his alien armada, well then here it is! Happy Weasel has a unique style and an obvious fondness of a certain color...don't we all?

Also check out his Emissary.
And his Triple Wing.


I must Confess...

Of the many Mechas we see, this one is very unique. Mark Stafford has built an awesome display of his genius with his 6600M Confessor.

Mark Stafford is a very talented builder and you may want to check out his other work as well:

Mark Stafford's Mocpage


Shocking isn't it?

Of course, nnenn never disappoints. His frequent additions to his reputation leave the lego community in awe.

His latest Vic Viper is the Shockout, an amazing blend of orange and black with some neat features, check it out!

nnenn's photstream


Nov 4th

I won't say which way to vote, write in me if you want to, just vote.
Thanks for your time, and stay tuned for MOC postings.

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