"I...am IRON MAN"

Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) built something is best described as Sweetness.
It's an entry for the contest over at Reasonably Clever, and it's hella awesome. The faceplate really just makes it for me. *drool*
This weekend, I shall be wallowing in my nerdyness and attending the movie. Can. Not. Wait.

Iron... Maiden?

Brickshelfer tannavalley, author of more than a few superhero models, now presents us with this:

Tanya Stark assumed the role of hero when her father died. During the day she defends against the forces of evil, but at night she dons a different suit of heavy metal to become Iron Maiden.

I also recommend the Steam IronMan


Jadeau's Toy Factory

Sweatshops have never looked so good. /jk

The lightsabre mechanic is a nice touch.


Legostein's Mini TIEs

Chris Deck is renowned for his microscale Star Wars models, and he has recently released five EU TIE variants. Granted, not all of them have twin ion engines. One of them is a TIE Defender, seen above. The others include a TIE Crawler, a TIE Phantom, a TIE Droid, and a Scimitar Assault bomber.


Sekiyama's super-low cars.

Brickshelf Sekiyama (who I know is a favorite of Jonesy's...) has a car titled 'RX7SA.' Just wanted to point out how ridiculously flat this car is, while still squeezing in a minifig, some details, and two suitcases!


Jerac's 6887 Remake

Did you ever own 6887? I did; it was a really cool design. Jerac has revived it:


"I Can Race in Caves too"

Nathan Proudlove built an absolutely amazing racer. The Lucky Strike was based off of this piece of concept art, this craft combines form and aesthetics beautifully. My favorite part is the orange stripe running the side. Most dashing indeed.


Oh Yes

Kwi-Chang is one the best mecha builders out there, and he recently won an industrial mecha contest with the TYPE-D9. No wonder.

WWI 'Sandpiper' by Brian Kescenovitz

Mr. Monday Noodle brings us a beautiful 'WWI-punk' walker that could easily fit into a few other genres (Steampunk, Post-Apoc). He has great use of rubber bands along with some other strange parts to get the spindlyness of the legs just right, and the cockpit is just awesome.
On flickr. (With links to brickshelf and MOCpages)


WAY Better Than Frogspace!

Yes, TBB recently did a great (a and presumably time-consuming) post on cave racers, but the group pool has at least tripled since then. In particular, I would like to highlight Nathan Proudlove's collection (to date). Most of them are built to a particular theme, and they're all very creative.

+ Plus link to doll for added value.


Jerak's Auriga 2

Jerak (or Jerrec, depends on who you ask) is at it again with a pseudo re-make of his Auriga space car. The Auriga 2! I gotta say I miss the side fins and color stripes, but the overall shape is nicer. Man I love racers.

Spacey Mecha Goodness.

Are they unrealistic? Yes. Are they improbable? Yes. Are they awesome? Also yes. Everyone loves a good mech, so let's kick it off with Brickshelfer bmck's Snakehead. He challenges the viewer to guess as to how it got its name. I swear I had no idea until I looked at this shot. Incidentally, I like his colourscheme very much. >_>

Next up is ikon's A-05. Although the overall picture quality is a bit off, we can still see that this is a solid mech. Ikon has used some good techniques all around, even if the end result is a little chunky. I think it would have worked well to add just a little bit of colour.

Lastly, we have a pair of mecha by the prolific sugegasa. Each is a revamp of a jungle Exo-Force set. The first is his take on 8114; the second is based on 8111. Both, as you can see are exciting models, and are trademarks of sugegasa's style.


Aleksander Stein's Sukhoi Su-233

... let me show you it.

Aleksander says he was heavily inspired by the works of Ed Diment, and it shows. This beautiful fighter has a detailed cockpit, realistic, fully-functional landing gear, and so much more.

The state of the art Sukhoi Su-233 ”Black Eagle” (Chiorny Oriol) multi-role fighters are the backbone of the newly formed Eurusian carrier groups. Fast, heavily armed and super manoeuvrable thanks to thrust vectoring, the Black Eagle is a fearsome adversary to both air, ground and sea targets.


Mike Crowley, AKA Count Blockula, has already made a fabulous model of Porkins, but Dex now?

Yup, that's right. The coin-op vampire has hammered out yet another fantastic rendition of something. He's just good at that.


Execution, the Good Kind.

So far as I can tell, there is nothing revolutionary about building a castle, but legoknight's Castle Leon is beautiful. No detail has been left out. Explore it for yourself.


The Journey Finished.

Pepa Quin has been working a long time on his speeders, and now that he's gotten his hands on a Speed Racer windshield, his rendition of Luke's speeder is complete:

I think LEGO produced the piece, nay, started the whole Speed Racer line just for this purpose. It was destined.

Oh, and if you haven't, you're also destined to watch this video.


You built flipYap! Or YapFlip, was he?

Title inspired by this humorous little dialog snippet from Halo 3.

Tyler, AKA Legohaulic, has long been known for his high-quality Halo creations, and his latest is no exception: a "Grunt." These little guys are some of the most irritating enemies in the series, for the sole reason that they're so cute (and good comic relief) that you don't want to kill them. Tyler makes excellent use of angled tiles and plates to achieve the "Unggoy's" armor. His use of clips as the eyes is also very nice. Additionally, the nice stand is back from his earlier Gears of War figure.

Some Enchanted Evening....

...you will see an awesome lime green MOC, the following morning, you'll realize you forgot to blog it. That afternoon, you will do so.
Well, I will at at least. Vaughan really outdid himself this time.

Hyper Racer!

New Brickarms!

Brickarms has released a slew of new weaponry, accessories (medkit, monopod. bipod), and now, apparel! Head over there to check it all out.
[Via TBB]


Bringing Technic to New Heights

... yeah. Anyway, I thought I got weekends off. Oh well.

Sariel does it again with his new forklift. Sure, plenty of mechanical forklifts have been made out of LEGO before, but none of them have the same polish as Sariel's. As the data states above, this bulid has four PF motors powering drive, steering, tilt, and lift functions. As is to be expected, Sariel has included a link to a youtube video with music that doesn't quite fit, but shows the model's abilities quite nicely.


Ultimate Cockfight

They've come to snuff the rooster.

But he ain't gonna die

3-color rule be DARNED

The infamous Nnenn astounds us with a ship who's colors should make your eyes hurt, but he uses them in such a way that it looks great. However, I feel the canopy could be structured better.

The aptly-named Tropicana.



As Jas Nagra writes, "This is the international race series of the future. The host countries change each year, and only the fastest seven nations are eligable after preliminary stages. High power, anti-gravity crafts race for ultimate victory, the IAGRF World Cup! "

6205 X 2

Moko + 2(6205) =


Opel Rekord C Coupe

No witty post title today...

Ivan Franciskovic (that's what the copyright says, anyway) has built an excellent rendition of Opel's Rekord C Coupe. Although it is in a fairly monotonous grey, the subtle uses of plate shaping and snot are very effective. It isn't just a pretty face, though; it's fully mechanical. I see PF-powered rear wheel drive with independent pneumatic suspension and Ackerman steering geometry. Neat, eh? It also looks like Ivan is preparing the gallery for a whole lot more documentation, which will hopefully include more detailed pictures of the chassis. I'll add any updates as a postscript to a future post.


Micro Moonbases!

Have you read up on the Micro Moonbase standard? Andrew Lee has. So, he's been compiling a folder of micro moonbase modules. Take a look at his work to get some ideas, and get cracking.

Oh, and it looks like this is already catching on.


A Bigger Boat

Not to rag on Spook's awesome recon, but joaquin's Alonso de Chaves is a beast of a rescue tugboat. Take a look at the insides and its real-world counterpart. There aren't too many photos, but they're enough to show you how well he's executed this build.

I Call it "Forceful Reconnaissance"

Tim Zarki (Spook) built an awesome Recon Boat.

In typical Spook fashion, he makes this simple MOC chock full of detail, and beautifully colored. One of these days, they will develop a way to extract talent, and then, then Spook will be in trouble.....


David Tucker

Adrian Florea (Olog) recently posted an excellent Pirate gunboat. What makes it excellent you ask?
The colors for one thing. I love black and yellow when combined correctly. And these colors, are combined correctly. Detailing is spot on, and my only real nit is the gray slopes. I'd like it better with it all black in those areas. Still, when something wins this hard, things like that can be overlooked.

Bionicle Mecha!

Brickshelfer "smithlee" combines Bionicle, Technic, and System very nicely in his entry for BBC49, a contest on BZPower (apparently, the goal is to make something with a cohesive colourscheme).

I like how he integrated the knee gears.


Lego NES!

Brickshelf user bccook (remember her from that retro-future micro city?) has a SNOT-licious Nintendo Entertainment System controller.

Edit: Fixed Gender related error. :-D


Nothing Like a Good Alternate.

So, set 4994 is for making fierce creatures, right? Wrong! It's LEGO, which means that someone bright like ZED can come along and build a submarine.

Click the picture for more. I like the way he's used so-called "claws" as propellor blades. Check out his main gallery to see more great stuff.

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