General Greeve's Amazing Wheel Bike!

"Big Daddy" Nelson has come forward with a really awesome entry for the FBTB Steam Wars contest. To basically say the same thing I said on Flickr, the wheel looks a ton like the original while remaining different and steamy, the legs are nicely done, the smoke and guns add a nice steamy touch, and the font and slight rename put the icing on an already very tasty cake.


Roguebantha's genius knows no bounds.

Now, he's made a mcro of Sadrian Florea's Natai:


They've gone colour-MAD!

Roguebantha's Star Wars Minis are always great to look at, and the Bantha Squadron is no exception:


Man, I love VT's

.. and r10cyd's (reminds me of Royd, the main character in FrontMission) Decider does not dissapoint. Check out the studdy armoured goodness:


Racing at 15 Kmph!

It's Admiral Merryweathers Amazing Flying Machine, built by Darkspawn. It's like any other dirigible, but with a racing stripe and wings.


Contests Galore!

I added a link list to the top of the right-hand column of all the contests (and one possible contest) in the spacey community right now.

As much as I would like to enter all of them, I think the Black Fantasy and Steam Wars are the two I feel most inclined to enter. Gotta get building!


nnenn's latest build rocks. I'm interested in seeing how this so called "Brown Off" fairs. As well as building something for it. I also think that the ruckus over nnenn's work did nothing but make me love it more....

Ten Four Good buddy.

It's good to have Ranger back.


The Steam Wars Contest

Head over to FBTB to enter in the "Steam Wars" Contest- take a SW vehicle, and steamify it. As so. It's an A-wing, powered by steam! Not the cleanest entry thus far, but I like it.

And, I got blogged! :O


Better late than never, they say.

This is a bit of old news to most of you readers, I'm sure. A couple of months ago, I built my first completed mech proper. I'd built a set of legs that was abandoned, a lame vertical tank, the mandatory various small robots, et cetera. But I only built a real mech on that fateful day in November 2007. Why am I posting it now? I always felt I should blog it, but never got around to it until now. So here you are, my mech, Ares. Thank you for you attention through my ridiculously long exposition.

Wintermute's Black Mech

... it shoots zlazors! Let me show you them:


Apples taste best under trees.

Check out the construction on this tree:



Brickshelf "Gork" has a beautiful little Venice Diorama. Be sure to check out the willow tree and house interiors.


It's Captain Olimar!


Steam is more efficient than fusion power.

The Steam-Wars Contest at FBTB is generating some interesting models.



I don't know what else to say. It's pretty self-explanatory.

It isn't lego...

... but I would like to display my utter joy with fact that Olimar is in Brawl.

Yay! :D


We'll keep this for later.

Brickshelfer rexcarnage provides us with the idea of salvaging a spaceship for use.


One of my new favorite builders (shoulda included him in my 2007 awards thing...) is brickshelf Kaitimar. He's got some sweet stuff under his belt, be sure to check out his steampunk section especially.

Today, however, he has a playable hovercraft called "PANZER" which he says is, "The armored hovercraft from the short story Panzerboy." Well, there ya have it. Whatever it is exactly, it's really sweet. First of all, it's got a nice low-profile sculpt, some awesome engines, and third (and most importantly), check out all the playability in this badboy!

Opening cargo area (see engines picture)
Retractable minigun
Stuff up front
And more! (including opening hatch, missiles, a little green-lighted whatever, and fins over the engines)

I need to try to make a model this playable sometime. I imagine this hovercraft zooming over post-apocalyptic waters, or in a brikwars battle, blasting the crap out of everything around it. Buce.


Hooray for microspace!

I especially like this part, even though I don't know what it is.


You are on a blogging spree!

Arpy has built this awesome... something.

As Mister oo7 said on Flickr, it almost looks like a Japanese builder, not only from the MOC itself, but from the choice of editing style.
The Craniopod Neural Organization Device manages to be both incredibly cute and a bit creepy at the same time. I've seen a lot of uses for Onua's mask, but this is the first time I've seen it used as a chubby belly.
Overall: Well done old chap, well done.

Ron Paul brickfilm

As a fan of both Ron Paul and, obviously, Lego, I really liked this. Even if you aren't a Ron Paul supporter, it's pretty fun to watch.

Things are better in chrome.

For example, edulyoung's Y-Wing:


Jerac's Space Marines Dreadnought will step on your stack of tires.

I liked Jerac's first two WH40K Dreadnoughts enough, but this one just blows my mind. The custom stickers are awesome, and I love the outside-the-box gatling-gun. Another thing that really sticks out to me is the detailing around what I'm going to call the head, or the part with the skull-thing-sticker. The SNOTted tan tiles really work. The joints look amazing, and the model is more flexible than it looks like it should be, being essentially a tank. (By the way that's a good thing.) Any feature I didn't mention is most likely awesome as well.

(BTW, I tagged this as video game. Warhammer does have video games, right?)

SPACE never looked so practical.

Brickshef user martinbb has made another no-nonsense spacefighter, the "PZL Mielec M243 Lapwing Light Bomber".



Our own Unit 186 has made the Andhara, a microspaceship.

Also, I'm new here, so please forgive any errors I make.


Ressurection of the Porphyrion

Holy. Crap. I was immensly impressed at DanX's original Porphyrion, which can be seen here. But for some reason it's even nastier on a smaller scale. Flickr (and Brickshelf) user Zachmoe has just created his own version of this incredible monster, and it screams. Here it is:

Isn't it a beauty?

Okay! Best of 2007 is here (the lukas way)

I don't really know how I'm going to make the list this year. Differently than last... we'll see.

So... what theme took off in 2007 more than anything? (even frogspace colon o) Microspace! That flickr group helped. Okay, so there was a lot of microspace this year. I think we all know who dominated the theme.

Best Microspace Overall:
Tim Zarki (spook)

It's obvious, just take a gander around. My award for best microspace creation also goes to his Khet Nasari relic, by the way. Oh spook how I envy you in almost every way.

Hmmm what to do next....

Oh! Post-apocalyptic was another theme to take off this year, after Tyler's initial diorama. He's dominated the genre from since then, and most of the other post-apoc creations have sucked. (read: most, not all. You can still build with confidence.)

Best Post-Apocalyptic Overall:
Tyler (legohaulic)

Bam. Bam. Bam. What more can I say?

Best Land Vehicles Overall:
Nick Dean (Kcaster)

Well, he's mah buddy, but he also makes awesome stuff. Just check around his RAMM (even the flying parts) and you'll know why he wins here. Oh, and he also fits into the other good post-apoc stuff. the land stuff- [1] [2] [3]

Okay, on a bit of a roll now.

Best New Space Builder:

You might not have heard of him, but he makes some really sweet microscale, along with some other nifty junk.

Best Mecha:

Okay, I love his stuff like a madman, and as far as I can tell there wasn't a whole lot of mecha love this year. soren built a bit but not enough to cure my appetite, as usual. Jehkay just has such a cool style, and is finally breaking into color!

Best Whatever:
Nannan Z!

I just had to think of an award to show off all of his sweet stuff. Okay, those two are very recent, but they're my favorites.

Best Steampunk Creation:
Uhh... well. Hrmmm.

This is difficult. As much as I want to honor Kevoh's absolutely amazing fingobbins rock, I feel like Zach's Stinkbug deserves that spot as well. Well, at least I've linked to both of them.

Best Starcraft:

I don't care about the controversy, he builds amazing stuff.

Bleh. I don't know what else to add. to the finale!

Best Builder 2007:
Adrian Florea

Yep. He started 2007 off with his crazy X-wing thing, then joined CSF with his buggy for the contest. Adrian then catapulted himself into the larger sceme of things with his amazing half-track transformer, then a great microspace carrier, then a racer, then an ugly fighter, then a mech diorama, and ugh whatever he builds I love. Even Stimpy. Adrian has a great sense of form and SNOT in his creations, making complex unorthodox builds that are just... crazy.

and don't forget his latest, which is technically 2008.

Other winning things!:
Portal (in lego)
Tim bird

Happy new year everybody.

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