Oh yeah, I also built these.

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Flickr photo page

Flickr photo page

YSAB raps up Neo-Classic Space Month

By nnenn

Peter Reid & Company

Also by Peter

By Tim Gould

Today is the last day of Neo-Classic Space Month. It's been amazing seeing the things builders produced. Almost made me want to put some bricks together again.


by Pepa Quin



I can only think of so many titles..

by Aliencat


Brian Kescenovitz has started individually posting his Dawn Forge vehicles from the Zero Hour on Highway 44 group build. It's encredible how much detail he's packed away in such a compact build. It has a rear hatch, nice sticker usage, sweet weapons packages (I love the ammo belt on the chin gun,) and amazingly industrial-looking hydraulic greeblies on the legs. It also has incredible poseability thanks to a nifty joint technique.

All told, the IGNITION is a great build that certainly IGNITED my curiosioty enough to look through all the pitures and put a ludicrous amount of links in my blog post. and now since I took so long writing this, Mike will have beaten me to it.

I should write a script that automatically posts everything jehkay builds.

by jehkay

Cows are destroying the atmosphere.

by Ed Diment, for NCS.



Begun, the Clown Wars Ha-SPLAT

This is a nifty model by itself, but it's the description that really makes it for me:

Slapstick comedy is the bread and butter of basic humour.
These boys are out gunning down those high flying intellectual hi-brow jokes.

No visible slapstick in this moc - They MUST be serious

by Karf Oolhu

Motorized Steampunk Walker Mecha Tank YES



by Peter Morris

Roll Out

Sticking with the wheeled vehicle theme.

Whoops, forgot to add a title

by Thire5


Rock on!....

It moves!

by Jerek

LEGO is blocky, remember?

by Niels Bugge

Ellyfonts are Space...Shut Up.

It was just too cute not to blog.



by Dan Rubin

Nabii brings the Funk

by Mark Stafford


by Don


Pics are links, by the way

by Togaran


by Mahjqa



By Jerrec


By Tyler.


Oh, that's what they were doing.

Taken from the description on Brian Kescenovitz's MOCpage:

The evacuation and occupation of Vancouver is proceeding as planned. Martial law is in effect; DF forces now 60% garrisoned with near 100% expected within three days. Local authorities are cooperative, civilian population unhappy but orderly. Exit volumes significantly higher than expected, but the simplifying and streamlining of traffic patterns has kept the evacuation on schedule.

By Keith Goldman, Brian Kescenovitz, et al.


By Cole Blaq.

Is it a truck if it has no wheels?

By Geoff Herndon.


From our own correspondent...

By Lukas.

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