Err... I HAD to blog something...

Larry Lars is a fantastic Star Wars themed lego builder. If you've been missing his Force-aided building check it out! He de-Santafied the slay to just the landspeeder that was used in his Christmas creation.

Well, the blog was supposed to be off for the holidays but I was itching to blog and well, Larry Lars deserves it.


Merry Christmas!*

Aaron Andrews (DARKSpawn) built a perfect little Christmas scene featuring a troll, orcs, a spider, and of course, a kitten.

On that note, I'd like to wish everyone a happy Kwanzaa, and promise to blog more come 2009.
YSAB is officially on break until January 2nd 2009.
Happy Holidays!

*Political correctness be dammed, I'll wish you what I want to wish you. Which is funny, as I'm not Christian.


When Trapping Bee Bonnets predicted nnenn's new fad would catch on, they were right

Hope It Gives You Hell

"Truth be told I miss you, and truth be told I'm lying"

I have a strange addiction to that song.

Anywho. have sum aygoes.

School is over, you'd think I'd have time to do a post with some substance.



I would Blog more....

But exams have a way of making you study...

Phong Chang, widely known on MocPages as a superior mecha builder, demonstrates his power with his Armored Core: C-397G Vulcan.

I've been watching Phong's creations since I started MocPages way back then. I've missed a couple of his since I got flickr. Note to self: always check MocPages for extremely talented builders who have not joined flickr.


Dude! Where's my Buggy!?!?!

Legovaughan is a really gifted space builder. Lately he unveiled his Terrestrial Buggy, which I might say is one of the most compact moonrovers I have ever seen that looks awesome. He uses a cool Technique to get the wheels just right.

Don't forget to buckle up! Low gravity terrain has a tendency to throw you out of your vehicle.

I also suggest you follow his WIP that he recently just started sharing.


I seriously can't think of a good title, goodnight.

But this interceptor is really good:

It's by this guy Dean, I think I know him?




Peter Reid's latest creation is, as usual, a goldmine of parts usage. My favourites are the gun sights and head design.


YASB is Dead ;_;

lol, jk, we're just lazy

Mike Crowley has built hardsuit that actually fits a minifig. For this, I rank it way higher then all that head-on-a-brickbuilt-body stuff.

Overall, I'd rate this a 78/DR. That is, it's 78% as good as David Rabadan's suit.


I Used to Blog Space...

Not so much anymore. It's weird.

Via Ten Bronze Biscuits

I Can Has Flu?

Why yes, yes I can.

Lucky for you, you can has helicopter! Or at least a link to the one Mike built.


The Aurora is after You!

Nannan's fantastic creations are worth waiting for! Recently he has built the Aurora, a sleek ship that I would definently do a bit of swooshing with...

"Designed and piloted by an outcast Katari engineer, the Aurora boosts a system of advanced flight controls customized to the eccentric and lethal preferences of its creator. The deadly fighter supports avant-garde space combat technology of the Katari, namely the much feared ability to execute the photon shift, in which the entire craft is seen to teleport short distances in space, making it an extremely difficult target to tag."

In Nannan's Photostream

*Oh! I'm back from vacation, hope you all had a happy turkeyday!*

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