homeworld and bulldogs and... er, nothing else... oh my!

I seem to be cursed with having to reassure people that I'm not dead every time I post. Oh well, here goes: I'm not dead.

And I'm very glad of it too. If I were dead, I'd have never seen this sweet new microscale ship from spook. There's just so much to love about it: The color stripes, the greebles, the docking bay, the simple yet elegant shape, the subtle details... I'll stop even trying to list everything that's awesome about it. The stripes are great because instead of being all boring, they have little bits of licht blue in them, and there's a gap in one of them. They are also completely uninterrupted save for the above things. So they're very well executed. The greebles, as Bram pointed out on Flickr, has a amazing amount of variation for the amount of space it takes up, and that space is very nicely shaped. The docking bay's orange border is quite pwnsome, and I love the use of the whatever-those-are's for docking rings. But all those details aside, this ship still has a very good shape. Those white canopy parts make excellent nose sections, especially with the sensors sticking out from the one. The mandibles on either side of the docking bay only add to the awesomeness., and the little bunp on the nose, which I'm assuming is the bridge, is so well integrated it took me several looks through the gallery to realize it was there, and when I did I loved it for some reason, so now I decided I'd mention it.

Duane Hess, also known as Legozilla, has made a very good bulldog sculpture using Bram's sculpture generator thing. Nothing much to comment on, it's just a great sculpture.

And I'll rip off Mike and post musical influence: Aerosmith

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