Greetings ladies and gents! I welcome you here tonight at the "Moy-blike" theatre. We have a special showing for all of you, a taste as to what the future of our powerful new steam technology has to offer, and a glimpse into a fantastical world where man lives on floating rocks! So ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on what is just beyond the curtain!

You can see here, my dear friends, the future of civilian aircraft! Is your small ornithopter not going fast enough? These will be available soon, at an affordable price, for the normal folk like you and I! What a wonder air travel is!

As for the military, our specialists are hard at work, and have made the so called "X-wing" fighter plane for mid-air combat. Professor Steamwalker is currently working on allowing this scourge of the skies to be in our air military. What a fright that would be for the enemy!

What about those floating rocks I told you about? Why here my people, look at this! Yes, yes it is quite amazing! A floating piece of land! Extraordinary! It might be difficult to get down from, Haha! That's all the more reason to have your own flying contraption!

And for those of us who want a little extra help around the house, we have a newly developed automaton to do those chores! Mr. Barrels, after the look of his forearms and calves, is the loving little helper for any household! Watch his articulate hands handle these frail everyday objects.... you see? he's just.... Oh my. No AAHHHH! OOOOH! EEP..... eee.....no, he's not supposed to... pick him up....ohhh.... Um, pardon me ladies and gentlemen. Do not worry, the kinks will be worked out before you buy any!

I hope to see you again my fellow friends!

hmm I feel a little weird after this post. Hope I didn't make too much of a idiot out of myself.

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Spook said...

That was quite the awesome blog post I dare say. :D

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