Pepik's "Future Space Etc"

Brickshelf user Pepik brings us a nice future oil well fire. But we all know it's Post-Apoc. Actually, one of the reasons I like this so much is because it feels like late-90's Lego. Both of the vehicles seem to have almost a Rock Raiders kind of feel to them. Anyway, just enjoy!

In other news...I am about to blog something that is not Lego. It is in fact cheese. Yes. I am blogging a MOC that is made out of cheese. There's a first for everything. Yes, I'm serious. Every once in a while there are people on Flickr that add me as their contacts and don't build with Lego. They're either predators (just kidding) or other hobbyists. Curis seems to be into a mixture of things, but I wouldn't have thought he'd be into cheese. Sure enough, though, he is. Here we have Curis going to the local store to buy materials:

Just like most of us would use Bricklink, Curis buys his cheese in large quantities at the best price. Next he begins cutting the cheese:

Not figuratively, but literally. Eventually he shapes it out into what he invisions.

He'll add a few extras, like the red highlights, and the flaming fireballs (which are made from a different type of cheese). And now it's done!

Okay, I'm hungry for a cheesestick. Go ahead and view the rest in his photostream (link at the top of the photos).


Spook said...

mmmmm.. *licks lips*

Lukas said...


Don't forget to tag posts with your name. and NEVER EVAH tag a post with a builder. NEVER. And cheese... isn't a very viable tag either. :]

Unit 186 said...

Oh. Okay.

D: I will remember for next time.

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