Okay! Best of 2007 is here (the lukas way)

I don't really know how I'm going to make the list this year. Differently than last... we'll see.

So... what theme took off in 2007 more than anything? (even frogspace colon o) Microspace! That flickr group helped. Okay, so there was a lot of microspace this year. I think we all know who dominated the theme.

Best Microspace Overall:
Tim Zarki (spook)

It's obvious, just take a gander around. My award for best microspace creation also goes to his Khet Nasari relic, by the way. Oh spook how I envy you in almost every way.

Hmmm what to do next....

Oh! Post-apocalyptic was another theme to take off this year, after Tyler's initial diorama. He's dominated the genre from since then, and most of the other post-apoc creations have sucked. (read: most, not all. You can still build with confidence.)

Best Post-Apocalyptic Overall:
Tyler (legohaulic)

Bam. Bam. Bam. What more can I say?

Best Land Vehicles Overall:
Nick Dean (Kcaster)

Well, he's mah buddy, but he also makes awesome stuff. Just check around his RAMM (even the flying parts) and you'll know why he wins here. Oh, and he also fits into the other good post-apoc stuff. the land stuff- [1] [2] [3]

Okay, on a bit of a roll now.

Best New Space Builder:

You might not have heard of him, but he makes some really sweet microscale, along with some other nifty junk.

Best Mecha:

Okay, I love his stuff like a madman, and as far as I can tell there wasn't a whole lot of mecha love this year. soren built a bit but not enough to cure my appetite, as usual. Jehkay just has such a cool style, and is finally breaking into color!

Best Whatever:
Nannan Z!

I just had to think of an award to show off all of his sweet stuff. Okay, those two are very recent, but they're my favorites.

Best Steampunk Creation:
Uhh... well. Hrmmm.

This is difficult. As much as I want to honor Kevoh's absolutely amazing fingobbins rock, I feel like Zach's Stinkbug deserves that spot as well. Well, at least I've linked to both of them.

Best Starcraft:

I don't care about the controversy, he builds amazing stuff.

Bleh. I don't know what else to add. to the finale!

Best Builder 2007:
Adrian Florea

Yep. He started 2007 off with his crazy X-wing thing, then joined CSF with his buggy for the contest. Adrian then catapulted himself into the larger sceme of things with his amazing half-track transformer, then a great microspace carrier, then a racer, then an ugly fighter, then a mech diorama, and ugh whatever he builds I love. Even Stimpy. Adrian has a great sense of form and SNOT in his creations, making complex unorthodox builds that are just... crazy.

and don't forget his latest, which is technically 2008.

Other winning things!:
Portal (in lego)
Tim bird

Happy new year everybody.


Spook said...

Thanks Lukas :)

Ean said...

But what about frogspace? ;.;

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