One of my new favorite builders (shoulda included him in my 2007 awards thing...) is brickshelf Kaitimar. He's got some sweet stuff under his belt, be sure to check out his steampunk section especially.

Today, however, he has a playable hovercraft called "PANZER" which he says is, "The armored hovercraft from the short story Panzerboy." Well, there ya have it. Whatever it is exactly, it's really sweet. First of all, it's got a nice low-profile sculpt, some awesome engines, and third (and most importantly), check out all the playability in this badboy!

Opening cargo area (see engines picture)
Retractable minigun
Stuff up front
And more! (including opening hatch, missiles, a little green-lighted whatever, and fins over the engines)

I need to try to make a model this playable sometime. I imagine this hovercraft zooming over post-apocalyptic waters, or in a brikwars battle, blasting the crap out of everything around it. Buce.


Anonymous said...

Buce indeed.

Anonymous said...

Well buce. I've been impressed by his monotracks in the past.

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