If this Polish Wikpedia page is any indication, I'd say that Taniec is some sort of dancing. Perhaps one of our Polish readers could enlighten me?


Mike said...

Yesterday we had 168 visits. How many of those do you figure are Polish?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so we do have stats. I dunno, maybe two? LUGPOL is strong, but I don't think we're read very far past TBB.

Mike said...

Google tells me many things, not all of them pretty...

Dunechaser said...

Interesting. I think it's time to do a "Featured Blog" post on TBB for you guys. You're the best space/sci-fi LEGO blog around, and you definitely deserve more readers than that. As a point of comparison (not bragging), we get 4,000-5,000 visits a day.

I thought our constant "via" links would've done the job, but apparently not. :-( In the meantime, keep up the good work!

(And no, I have no idea what that vig is about.)

Lukas said...

I think it might be because this blog is more focused on a smaller audience- we use AFOL "talk," while TBB can easily be read by anybody.

Anonymous said...

Also, it is dark and unfriendly. P:

Mike said...

That'd be killer awesome Andrew. I have to admit, part of my lack of drive to get more involved with this blog is due to low readership, which is partially caused by low involvement. A vicious circle to be sure.

Jerac said...

"Taniec" is exactly "dance".

In case of trouble with polish, try www.dict.pl - a nice on-line en-pl dictionary.

Anonymous said...

That would explain the TV show. Thanks, Jerac!

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