Just a Notice

Everyone seems to be very excited over at TBB about the 2009 sets leak, but all the talk has been pirates, farmers, blah blah blah...


Here's what I think.

1. It's clearly labeled an RC car. That means powered drive and steering.

2. The floating hands are controlling the car via a PF remote, and you can see the IR receiver poking up just in front of the rear spoiler.

3. The chassis is only eight studs wide. There is only one kind of motor you can fit in that kind of space and still have room for all of the detailing on top (in addition to a battery pack):



Dan said...

Wow - good catch.

I'm not sure if it'll really be a pair of new (and tiny) motors - perhaps a new solid RC chassis? In any case, we can make this work at minifig scale!

Spook said...

Hot pancakes!

Spook said...

And by that, I mean this is impressive.

Micah E. said...

Judging by the size, and the stepping of the bley plates on the side, I think we're getting a solid chassis.... still sweet though.

Ryan said...

This should clear stuff up:


Anonymous said...

Link broken, but I know what you're referring to. However, no pics of the Technic sets have been released, so I'm still holding out hope.

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