And the blogging starts... NOW

There are nearly two hundred of you still checking here, so thank-you. My internet is better, I'm back from Brickcon, and most of my collection is sorted. Now feels like a good time to post.

(F40PH By Bill Ward)

Brickcon 2008 was great. I met a lot of really cool people, and I saw a lot of neat models. I had some interesting conversations with anyone unfortunate to acknowledge me, until they successfully shook me off during public hours. Some tidbits I learned at my first con:

- The public hours are total chaos, and should be avoided by ducking into one of the "Private Badge Areas" to listen to an interesting presentation.
- The best way to get around during public hours is by striding behind the tables, or, if you're feeling really cocky, in front of them.
- It is much easier to take pictures as a registered attendee than trying to get them from the visitor end of the stick.
- For that matter, consider taking your pictures five minutes before the doors open to the masses. That way, everything will be as ready as possible.

As I sort of promised, and way behind schedule, here are the galleries for the Space and Mecha layouts. Some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy, but I made a point of trying to get a picture of every single model in those categories. Enjoy!


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The only problem with my attempts at shaking you off during public hours was that they involved ducking into one of the private badge areas where you were.


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