The Show Us What You Got contest at the Starfighters group on flickr ended a couple of days ago, and it was awesome. Here, in order of entry, are my favourite fighters:

WAIT! Before you go, I should tell you that all the pictures are links.

Dr. X was first out of the gates with a solid offering. Check out the nifty canopy.

Victor also used some tricky parts for his canopy, and gave the whole M-Tron ship a crazy shape.

Kevin's ship is rife with greebles, but is at the same time brightly organic.

Hase0 produce another signature ship with great parts use and all sorts of protrusions.

Rtyper built one of the most anime-influenced fighters and it shows. He also wasn't afraid to do a bit of customization.

Jason has done a great job mixing light and dark bley, and also made some good use of boat studs. Remember, parts repetition=win!

Simone's Rapier has a classy engine design and layout, as well as some hefty armament.

Fredo has shown that he's an expert at mixing colours with greys at mini scale.

Tekka Croe took first place with this wild thing- can you figure out why? (hint: it has to do with being awesome)

Rodney, one of the Dukes of Swoosh, entered this little beauty. I think the gun on the underside shoots nostalgia.

spacie's ship is actually a drone, and exhibits some traits typical of microships- sharp shaping, colour stripes, etc.

Stefan's Spaceneedle, although potentially violating a Seattle copyright law is nevertheless very cool, with its pointedness and darkbluiness.

Chrispockst shows some very Florean influnces here, and also made excellent use of puple.

Ben Jarvis edged his way into fourth place over a lot of other entries. The shell shape is actually outlining the particle accelerator that is the ship's gun. Science can be cool, you see.

steelbreeze built a classic ship with a great nose and cool engine intakes.

Micah says on his blog, "I was really trying to do something original with the shape, break away from the traditional arrow-head shape"... The word, my boy, is phallus.

Tim is showing a lot of Gould influence in this backwards ship.

Adrian's fighter looks like a garbage can that exploded, mixed with a wolf and an F-15, burst out of the museum ceiling.

xie2 built one of, if not the most epic entries. I only wish he had refined it a little further.

Tyler has balls.

Jerrec showed us what he got in a very big way- second place.

Another prizewinner, Cole took third place with his wonderfully bizarre Soylent Scream. I mean, what?

Nathan's was one of the less conventionally-shaped entries, and he used dark green, so he's cool.

Mark built this in three hours. >:(

Niels' ship may only look good at a glance, but take a look through his gallery, and you'll see how awesome it is.

Uspez Morbo has got a fantastic colourscheme here.

getfur built a very clean looking ship, with a nice split-tail design.

Justin crafted a beast out of the fires of Hell, I'm sure.

I've already used the words "classic" and "clean", but nash's fighter here is the classicest and cleanest of the bunch. It wins the SUWYG-Lite award.

Dean's Manitcore was so awesome, the judges simply couldn't handle it. They couldn't take all the win, and had to put it out of consideration.

Matt came in at the last minute with what would've been an awesome M-Tron set.

Jacob's Taki-Tsu-Hiko was so lame, the judges simply couldn't handle it. They couldn't take all the fail, and had to put it out of consideration.

... Yes, kids, you can sacrifice hours of sleep for your blog!


Anonymous said...

Haha, you can see my comment quality dropping as I got more tired. It really fell after I used the word "phallus".

Micah E. said...

Jacob, thank you for saying what I really wanted to say, but decided not to for taste's sake.

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