Holy Shit

There's no other way to describe it


Anonymous said...

So ur on ur comp and yur webbin out wen u want 2 blog somthin. U go to ur blog but ther is alredy a post about it. U no u didn do it cuz u were busy. THEN WHO WAS BLOG?

Andrew Becraft said...

You guys know you don't need to deeplink on Flickr, right? That's only necessary for unmoderated folders on Brickshelf, and deeplinking to Flickr makes it harder to get to the builder's actual photo page...

Great find.

Mike said...

Andrew-I did know that, but did not recall. Thanks for the heads up.

Jacob-Then you add more to my less-than-informative post. =D

Jinto Lin said...

I know that this particular creation may be really awesome, but there are some who do not like to see cussing in their feeds. I don't want to ask something unreasonable, so please don't be offended at me please!

Mike said...

It's not at all unreasonable, and I did stop and think about it. Freedom of press got the better of me, as that IS exactly what was said when I saw it.

We keep profanity to an absolute minimum, but sometimes I feel it's warranted.

Jinto Lin said...

Well, I'm not going to drop this blog from my feed completely, but I will minimize it so I don't see updates. Then, after a while, I'll bring it back. I've not seen anything like this before, but if it keeps on going on (for my sensibilities, you have a right to do whatever you like) I'll eventually just stop coming here.

So this could just be considered a polite person saying that they would rather not see cussing, but, once again, this is up to you, and it won't be held against you.

(Jinto is my web pseudonym.)

Mike said...

My personal opinion is that cussing loses it's shock value when overused. I used to literally get an adrenaline rush whenever I heard an F-Bomb dropped. Now it's so much a part of my life it's next to meaningless.
That said, I definitely have no intention of using it frequently, but I stand by my original comment.
Will I use profanity again? No one knows. It certainly suggests a lower standard of journalism, but then again. We ARE just teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I wondered when you were going to be called out on this, Mike. I agree that using the choicest sentence enhancers can increase your ability to communicate your stupor, but we're on the brown badgers' blogroll, so IMHO, we should keep things a little more PG. By which I mean, avoiding anything worse than Damn. Damn, damn, damn.

Did you know that a movie can have the f-word in it and still get a PG rating?

Mike said...

To date, I'm pretty sure I've used it twice, and that's the extent of my cussing.

If that's the only thing that could get it a higher rating, sure.

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