Erik, the Flamboyant Fanboi on Idols and Communication

Of Chris Gidden's and Mark Sandlin's designs, respectively. Giddens and the Grand Admiral are some of the older space-head hobbyists, theirs were among big names like Lenny Hoffman, the Ryans Wood and Rubino, Tony Hafner. Back in middle school I didn't have pop-stars or sports heroes to look up to, but there was Dennis Coh and Daniel Jassim and Paul Brassington , Soren, Zhang, Clites, Psiaki, Florea, and too many others to call to mind.

God you're geeky.

Moving on, join us as we continue to pledge fanboism to this new Theo kid, seeing as this is the third recent post featuring his stuff:

His MOC's are well done and colorful, unlike the drab post-RAMM military spewing from most fledgling builders in flickr. Aesthetically quite similar to Tim/Spook's stuff, both the build and the presentation, two areas Tim excelled, perhaps even pioneered some in. Oh yeah, and they both like mechs with tiny feet.

Tim/Spook, Lukas/Gladius, Dale/Unit 186, Otto and Dean were all young teenage builders who exemplified the fact that this wasn't strictly and adult's hobby. I mean, we are working with a children's toy here. Inspired by them, about four years ago I started to put up my own crap and shake off noobishness and kiddiedom.

Parent groups and educators might argue that the internet is a dangerous place for kids, and I agree with them. But if dabbling in an online community that was originally started by pockets of geeky middle-aged men has helped to teach me one thing, it is how and how not to represent yourself in the faceless flustercluck that is the internet.

Damn that's a lot of links. Pleh

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