Brickworld 2011 part 1: my heart is slowly dryin up

On the cover of Modest Mouse's 1997 sohpomore album are the towers of the Westin hotel in Seattle, Washington. The convention, BrickCon, is held in Seattle Washington. The convention, Brickworld, is held in the Westin hotel of Wheeling Illinois. These bits of trivia seemed a lot more connected in my head but appear kind of stupid written up, so disregard this paragraph, play the awesome song, and skip to the cluttered convention photos.

I gawk-awkwardly came across the tuii effectors throwing back pepsi throwbacks and hovered around their collaborative display.

"Camp Twee" found itself in an event advertised as a "train drag race" but ended up more of a contest of stamina and control. Those lacking found themselves hurdling Matt's locos off the track and into their competitor's boxcars. A wee kid ran around the table yelling to the operators, "Slow down! Speed up!" and the word "biff" saw regular use.

Say, you look familiar.

I also talked briefly talked with Marcus Schultz of the upcoming custom kit producer Brick Battalions (site under construction). I respect his determination for pursuing the WWII themed kit market despite competition from outfits like Mechanized Brick and Daniel Siskind's Brickmania, the latter of which also had a booth on site.

I also admire the builds themselves, I'm not a military equipment whiz but Marcus' work seems to utilize smoother and more modern techniques than that of Brickmania's. Particularly this piece Wehrmacht Armor, love the 2 x 2 flag/flap on the turret. He spoke of more soon-to-be available products soon to come around, when their site is up for use I'll be sure to do a feature post.

Some rather attractive steam engines:

Not the least of which is Matt DeLanoy's take on the Southern Pacific GS4.

lol trains on a space blog

This model is based on a design from the Portal video games. No, for real, I mean it.

Kyle Vrieze's light blue mech. We talked some about something and then caught the unveiling of what some referred to as Dano's latest MOC. It will be available in September for mass-consumption for people who like Star Wars or do not have enough plates.

Frank Lloyd Wright-looking haus. Granted, that style of architecture lends itself well to reproduction with Lego blocks, still an impressive display if not technical. The color variation in the red roof tiles, probably a result of age, weathering, and lapses in quality control, is a neat effect.

Winged things, of one kind, and another.

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