Black and Bad


There are a lot of cool things going on with Shannon Young's recent SHIP; 123 studs longs, it is. But all length is wasted if space is not utilized well, and in this area I admire the repetition of texture.

Also worth noting is the absence of color blocking, Young seems to take not heed of the brand-name Homeworld striping that has become more or less standard with Lego capital craft. Some red is spliced in with the greebling, and interesting enough is only visible when viewed from the top and bottom. Viewed from the side, no red is visible on the ship:

I would like to pretend this is because the sides are more armored than the top and bottom sides, but then another part of me would argue that there are no ups and downs in zero-gravity and start a kind of internal nerd-cred duel. Geek-induced schizophrenia attacks etc.

"Didn't you ever read about the battleschool games in Ender's Game?"
"Physics need not apply in science fiction. Notice how the capital ships in The Return of the Jedi are all aligned to the same plane in the battle of Endor..."
"Yeah, maybe not in bad sci fi."
"Jedi wasn't terrible."
"Yo that dude was cool."

The "Ozymandias" was built around a technic structure for integrity, as is shown:

Lastly, I love how this work just screams, "evil". In addition to lack of smoothness, the color scheme sure works to convey menace. Looking into relics of my childhood, surely red and black can mean nothing but malevolence:

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