Psiaki's X-Wing Instructions,

I was pretty into Star Wars. Some claim to be, and they'll say how they know all the ships, like, "that's an X-Wing". I would be the one to specify with a bit more detail, say, "it's a T-65 X-Wing starfighter, as manufactured by the Incom Corporation and distributed the Rebel alliance During the Galactic Civil War."

Mike Psiaki has unveiled building plans for his X-Wing in Lego, which is probably the best in the medium anywhere by anyone.

Blogger's post editor can't handle 3888 x 2592! Everything's slowwwiingg doowwnnn.

Anyway looking into a builder's work and seeing all the solutions they have come up with is really fascinating, even more so than the finished model. It is clear the Psiaki has taken every step to replicate both the form and feel of such a classic design. It is also evident that he has taken more care to produce these images than I did with instructions for my M4 Sherman tank.

He recently finished his Foxbat:

And has made progress on his millennium Falcon:

Falcon Work in Progress

As per usual we can expect it to be a finer model than any put out by the Lego Company, even the Ultimate Collector's Series kit that was released a couple years ago.

Nick Dean has started work on the Pan Am Space Clipper as seen briefly in 2001 ASO. Here is some concept artwork by Peter Elson:

See more of Elson's work.

Nick finished building a different clipper from a different era last month, here is his Boeing 314:

Boeing 314 "Yankee Clipper" NC18603

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Mike said...

thanks for the writeup!

I realized once I was done that the pictures were way too enormous, oops. When I take that many though, I don't bother doing any processing on them.

I have to admit, that part of the reason I like making instructions is to show off what I did to put something together. This is probably my limit in terms of size for making instructions. I just got an email from someone asking instructions for my falcon, response: never.

Also, I really like your tank instructions. While you may not have spent too much time on the pictures, adding the text makes it really helpful. I know there are parts in my instructions that are going to mess some people up without explanation. oh well!

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