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Impossible castle

Brixe63 has built this maze, a simplistic but puzzling build. The isometric camera angle really makes it pop. The decision to highlight the 1 x 1 slope ramps with a color is a good one. It is reminiscent of dungeon map out of a video game, the kind one would bring up to make out a path to the princess/warp portal/power up/level boss. That is a very, very good thing.

Over the past six month or so, Soren has been pumping out gems like these:

Chub Squad and ACT-02A Chub Tub

I believe the intent is for a table-top wargame, they are fun to look at and I am sure they must be equally fun to play with.

M2-A Tank

These two armored vehicles do a great job of standing out from the ordinary, cookie-cutter military models, of which I have stated my disdain for elsewhere.

Type 20 Tank

This guy's stuff has already earned plenty of the right kind of praise, so I won't re-iterate it here. Check them out!


Anonymous said...

The Chubs were designed for Mechaton, the tanks for BrikWars.

-- Mantisking

Soren said...

Ray: Actually, I just collated them into a BrikWars-friendly format with running commentary. They're far too serious-minded for that game.

Erik: Thanks for the flattery - personally, I thought the MLRS was a bit more innovative (if for no other reason than the comparative dearth of artillery).

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