Christoph Monnaie Feature

BCS base - Eth Arpadies
Christoph on flickr. His latest is this sprawling moon base. The brick-built spheres might look dated technique-wise what with those new Star Wars miniplanets, perhaps in a round-about way utilizing square pieces to make round shapes has become its own ironic form NPU.

Here is a series of starfighters he has assembled. Kind of like, what if Peter Reid did bubble canopies?

BCS starfighter "Santerio MKII" BCS Starfighter "Gorkywor"
BCS starfighter "Fientjar MKII"
 I can imagine they can be difficult to integrate. Christoph seems pretty apt at it, though.

 Marion CLP 64d Heavy Escort Starfighter 01
The hose around the cockpit on this one does a good job of covering up gaps and making for a cohesive shape.

Korontrax FG 87b Starfighter 03

Ubix Aeroskimmer transport
As fun as the starfighters are, this wheeled ground transport is my favorite.

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