Lego World War Robot

I've been a fan of Ashley Wood's artwork for some time now, and have been fortunate enough to receive one of 3A's toys as a gift.

Tintin Bertie
"Ashley Wood's Bertie robot with coloring from Tintin's rocket in 'Explorers To the Moon'."

There is a lot of good things happening on Angus MacLane's recreation of a "Bertie"-series robot from the WWR universe. The colors are fun and the equipment packs are a great touch, though I cannot say I'm sold on the finger technique. A Bertie toy as produced by 3A:

CubeDude Bertie 5

This is another depiction of Bertie by MacLane, of the Cube Dude fad.

Bertie Mk XXI

Lastly, I have made a Bertie and Square more or less to minifigure scale. In Wood's illustrations the robots were never drawn to a consistent scale, and minifigure scale will forever be that odd, undefined practice, so take it.

3A Toys' production blog

Ashley Wood's blog

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Playmobil Toys To Go said...

A minifigure robot is really cute. I also love having this when i was young, and for sure kids will also love to have this in their pocket and play with it all day long.

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