March of the Think Tanks

For the duration of the previous month, and some time before, the build challenge over at the Mecha Hub flickr group has been generating LEGO interpretations of the "Think Tank" concept as seen in the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Here are some highlights:

Yukichikoma ユキチコマ

This smart model is of Curtis Collins' design. I appreciate how the 1 x 1 "cheese" slopes line up with the corners on the beveled corners of the 4 x 4 x 2/3 and 4 x 6 x 2/3 panels.

Peer Kreuger's is motorized, with both walking and rolling functions:


Kyle Vrieze has assembled this scene. The building are not only furnished with tasteful detail but descending mecha. The large mulitped in the center can be seen here.


Brownridge revisits some Maschinen Krieger imagery for a unique inter-universe crossover.

Byakuren  白蓮

I love, love the repetition of the four hole texture in both the under-wedge piece (used here as leg armor) and in the turntable top. Smartness from Ted Andes.
These fellas of Andrew Lee's are cute.

Police Riot Walker

This one doesn't qualify as a "Think Tank" as the body doesn't have the arachnid like body proportions, but nevertheless it is a cool build. The legs are great with the Technic figure flippers (32008).

Not to be missed is Ley Ward's citrus themed -koma. Also, in a blog post concerning multiped LEGO mecha, it seems appropriate to give Mladen a mention.

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great post! Thanks for the write up;)

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