This is a LEGO model

yup. some technique. i don't even like shoving tiles into clips but this is aight.


Give it up

Rumble Rover VX

Huib Versteeg everybody.


It's not often that I browse the recent uploads on Brickshelf, and it's certainly more rare that I blog about it. Brickshelf user Riki's LEGO interpretation of the "Neuspotter" from the MaschinenKrieger universe is the kind of model I like. It is a relatively small model that makes smart use of parts.
Compare to this model. The exposed, specialized LEGO parts, e.g. the scuba gear, do well to suggest the intricate details on the model kit.


seven month itch

_tiler and fateheart


You know some space stuff for a space blog

UNES Odyssey 21
Hades Starfighter
Courtesy of Kyle's and Jerac's photostreams. Jerac does wonderful things with wedge plates, and the use of a pair of 3787 mudguards as a laserport is inspired. 


Flight of the wedges

Arrowhead I've always enjoyed Legodrome's creations. They're made of fairly austere geometry, but the builder uses the large surfaces of his starships and aircraft as a canvas for thoughtful detailing. I particularly like the trio of bulbs made by the cockpit and the four wedges on either side just behind it. I think it's neat that both the older 6069 and the newer 64225 are used; the combination of straight and curved slopes suggests a tear-drop shape.

SSL-Multishot Mark Stafford's space freighter is based on a Peter Elson illustration. It's actually an old creation, he originally posted in back in 2006. It's still has vivid as it was when I viewed it as a MOCpages lurker, so check it out.


We're gonna take a break from life's demands and give a well-deserved shoutout to Jeremy's tight little mecha:
E. Honda
Saturn Revival


Not bionicle

Some of the more creative part use action I've seen in some time comes from Jerac. There is an interesting fusion of organic shapes and mechanical details; the end result could be nightmarish but the models still retain a whimsical look. Many LEGO-brand elements, such as the parrot from the Pirate line, have an iconic look to them. But when used out of context, the familiarity is lost, and very un-LEGO-like appearences is possible. Jerac seams to have figured this out and uses familiar parts to surprise us, the minifigure arms prolifically so in this case.


(olive) Green machines

 Giiruu VT5 - Assault Runner There is yet only a small selection of parts available in LEGO's new olive green color. It lends itself well to military-themed creations, although anyone who follows my own creations elsewhere knows that I could care less for realistic drab color schemes. Above, Fredo does a nice quadruped. I like the cylindrical shape he has made with the 1 x 4 curved double slopes. Given the squareness characteristic of the medium, the model's curves seem surprising although it is is hardly a departure from with Fredo's previous work. Below, Carter uses the new color for a landmate. It has good feet. I can imagine the little auxiliary arms reloading the bullpup-style weapon. 
C733 'Daimyo' Landmate Here's another quadruped/humanoid mecha combo with a relating color scheme, via Curtis and Pate: Kani カニ Lady liberty 3000



MDI69_Blokhead Aaron Williams is fast becoming my favorite mecha builder. His textures are superb, as are the destails. He's really found a way to make LEGO elements look functional.

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