Jehkay's Multiped

That will be all for now.



As a postscript to Mike's post below, I'll add that nnenn built a version of Peter's Tigret in his own style:

In other news, izzo has uploaded pictures of his third Bipedal (seen here next to a Square Suit :3). Also, it appears as though Brickshelf user "sky820923" has gotten his hands on some of LEGO's new linear actuators, and even tried them out!



Space Pirates
New Peter Morris fighter

Oh my....

Old MacDonald's army
More of the same

I leave for New Mexico in five days, where I will partake in pain, suffering and physical taxation of an extreme amount. I'm pretty excited.

I promise, I'll write an article to make up for the inferior quality of this post.


Classic Space and Classic Gaming

Peter Reid (of Neo-Classic Space fame) showed to us today on flickr a new ship and some fresh figs. He tosses the traditional coloration out the window which proves very refreshing. And as always with Pete, take a good look at the backgrounds as well.
On the other hand, brickshelf member "Nidaram12" made a very nice R.O.B.

(Click the picture)



It may be standing very close close to the lamp, but Samus's Shogun mecha is surprisingly cool.


Mecha Saturday!

Okay, so there's really only one mecha today, but it's really good.

Kevin Guoh's Hume V.2 displays a lot of nice techniques and a unique style overall.



Izzo built a bipedal mecha as a tribute to fellow Japanese mecha builder Kwi-Chang. And it shows, as this is a step away from izzo's regular style:

Also, see the other bipedal he built a few days ago.


Holy ****!

The title is what I said aloud when I laid eyes on Jarek's newest microspace creation- the Muisek Missile Cruiser. It balances a variety of colors and round edges very nicely along with some triangular construction. Jarek proves once again that he is one of my favorite space builders.



Mmm, Mmm, MOCpages

I don't frequent MOCpages very much, but Curt Y's Morning Star Heavy Assault Mech may have just convinced me otherwise.

Sure, it isn't perfect, but Curt has some good shapes going on here, and I look forward to his future work.

BTW, can we do away with the mech tag? It's pretty redundant.


Izzo has been experimenting with different sized baisc blocks to create mecha shapes. It's a seriously interesting idea, and, knowing izzo, it's probably going to result in some really cool mecha.

Don't think anything interesting could come of this? see for yourself.



Squinty Eyes' Moon-Bot has arms and legs that can be switched out for grapples, drills, and treads. Check it out.

Grenouille's RG400

Brickshelfer "grenouille" has been uploading his/her RG400 gallery for a while now.

As you can see, this is not a mainstream creation. Yes it's a construction mech, but... just look through the gallery, okay?

Other things happening in space: sugegasa's green mech, obscurance's Macross fighter, and Brikenegg's Star Justice speeder


Rocketship "Paragon"

Tim Gould's Paragon is so retro spacey, it needs to spend some time here.

BTW, in response to Mike's post below, I fell in love with mikepsiaki's Liberator when I first saw it. If I were to make a list of my favourite models ever, it would definitely have a shot at first place.


Wayback Excursion: Kalashnikov

Lenny Hoffman was one of the first builders I came across when I discovered the online AFOL community. One of my favorite MOCs of his is the EBKD Kalashnikov. Looking back on it it's not all that amazing. The building techniques are pretty standard these days, it had an excess of studs showing, and the color blocking is less than stellar. But to me, this ship is timeless. It will always be a reminder of my first experience with LUGNET and CSF, seeing the kind of things they built. So if you haven't, spend the time to go through all the steps he documented in building this ship.

Nnenn keeps the OMGage coming.

You know, the best thing about Nnenn is also the worst thing... he's always building.

Jehkay's Hunter-Killer Will Hunt You, Then Kill You

Jehkay is one of my favourite mecha builders because his style is so crazy. Just look at it:

Apocalypsis gets a new resident

Mark Kelso, who recently wowed us all with his beautiful "Apocalypsis" (Making of is here) now puts a Brian Kescenovitz mech into it. And while I can't call the mech beautiful, it is an awesome piece of work and fits into the scene amazingly well. Lovely.


Know what I like about Lukas?

He builds stuff like this. I can't even describe why I like it. It's just classtastic. (good)

BOOM Goes teh gunz.

Although there's only one gun on
Tyler's (Legohaulic) latest fantastic Bot. The use of tires is inspired, but my favorite part is the rifle. Very nice.


It's Not Easy Being Green

Nannan (of Black Fantasy and TBB fame) built a stunningalternate to one of the Indiana Jones sets. I love the irony of having a camoflauge vehicle with a giant blade on the front.


New and Old

On a scale of awesomeness, these mecha deserve... OVER NINE THOUSAND! The left one is a GN-003 Gundam Kyrios by Adrian Florea. I wonder if he knows that Japanese builder mumu took this on last year? The mecha on the right is a Hyper-Real- izzo's goal was to realistically reproduce the human frame. And I'd say that he succeeded


With just barely any swag!

Drifting through the stars, Moko creates yet another fantastic spacesuit.

A couple other things to check out: this dragon was apparently built by an eight year-old boy. I don't know if he had any help or what, but that's impressive at eight years. Also, builder bmck built a neat gunship.


Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Were gunned down by Humpty.

We All Love Microspace.

Mark Stafford (Nabii) proves that microscale never goes out of fashion.
I love how unorthodox this is. It's not just your average single shape creation.


New Mars Mission Sets!

'whung' brickshelf gallery has pictures of the presumably new Mars Missions sets! Lookin' good says I. Check out this tank!
[Via TBB]

EDITOR'S NOTE: Post number 300! Thanks for all you guys who make that possible.

Military Miscellenia

Okay, time for a new post. Seriously, I'm still swooning over izzo's Square Suits. However, the blogging must continue!

Brian Kescenovitz adds to his already awesome gallery (Evolution FTW) a 1/64th scale AH 64D Apache Longbow. Brian has chosen a scale just large enough to fit in all of the important details.

What else have people been building? "channana3" built an oddly pleasing hovercraft. Squieu built a Shooter- looks fun to ride. Lastly, I've been waiting for another build from jehkay, and he delivered with the AP-DM001A

Edit: I just saw Aleksander Stein's GZ 660 Mortar Carrier, which is also worth looking at.


Square Suits

Oh my yes. Izzo's Square Suits collection is too tasty. From left to right, the variants are Cannon, Launcher, Fighter, Multipurpose, and Snipe. Oh and did I mention that they fit figs?

RMing's WALL-E

Brickshelfer RMing has created a great rendition of WALL-E using mostly parts from 7657. Not only does it look good, but the arms and head are geared together! Click the picture for the full gallery:

Jerrec's Scharnvirk

Jerrec's Scharnvirk shows all of the builder's trademarks: innovative design, clean lines, and general awesomeness. It' piloted by a freakin skeleton. It also sports a really nice cockpit.

Speaking of cockpits, nnenn did a beautiful job with this snotty solution- and it's purist to boot!

One more thing: remember the bomber I posted just yesterday? Chris Atchley also built a tactical infantry killer with another nifty cockpit solution.


LV-16p by Tony Hafner

Tony Hafner's creations almost always include a level of playability normally forgotten in MOCs. His newest LV-16p Prospector Truck doesn't disappoint. It is both eye-pleasing, and features wheels (that roll!!!!), an opening door, and an easily removed top for playability.

[Hafhead] [flickr]

HAV's and HAV-not's

Lame pun aside, teamfeul's HAV-Bomber has some very cool things going on.


Mecha Tuesday!

To start off, today, I present to you s-waka's General Purpose Type and Assault Type mecha:

I'd also like to show you squieu's delightful little... thing and gabriel's Purple knight.


Dragonator's Ravine Tavern

The creatively named Ravine Tavern by Brickshelfer "Dragonator" is a pretty awesome piece of work. Were the battling goblins and knights removed, it'd actually make a rather nice vacation spot. I'd have fun climbing down those rocks...

Patrick Biggs has built a very nice Bionicle dragon.

Justin Vaughn's Brickarms take a trip to Mudulon IV, the mud planet.


Do I drop whatever I'm doing when one of the Japanese mecha masters sneezes? Yes, yes I do.

Just look at the bulk kwi-chang built into this thing. Also, check out the previous mech in this series, because it is also awesome.


Blue Sun Mini Truck

... At least, I think that's what it's called. It was a bit hard to glean that much information from gtahelper's gallery, but this vehicle is too good to pass up. Check it out and see for yourself:

Hybrid Train by Steggybean

I'm not a train head, but I can't pass up the fact that this train engine by brickshelf steggybean is amazing.
Be sure to check out the rest of his/her trains!


LTM1050, Minifig-Scale

Believe me, it's a tricky feat to pull off. The talented Polish builder "benny80" has made another minifig-scale mobile crane. Extending boom with winch and fake cylinder? Check. Turntable and tilting operator cab? Check. Four wheel steering and outriggers? Check. Paranoid picture-blurring? Also.... check.


Moko's MGS Minifigs

I'm not a huge fan of the Metal Gear Solid games, but these minifigs caught my attention. It looks like the latest additions to this folder are Fortune, Liquid Snake, and Solidus Snake. Check them out.

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