Best of 2007... in progress

I'll be making another "best of space 2007" list like I did last year. I just won't do it right now. I'll do it once I get back from a couple days skiing.

See Ess

Peter Reid brings us yet another dose of Classic Space themed goodness with the LL124. There are so many cool things about this MOC, such as the x-pod cockpit, and the heavily greebled underbelly. See for yourself!


Readers meet the Explora Walker

Hello folks, firstly sorry for the lack of contribution I make to the YSA Blog. But thanks to Lukas, me I shall be posting alot more. I blame school. Well and me being lazy but heh.

In my opinion Mark J Stafford has not been posting much lately and I tend to miss the models he does. But this little gem managed to catch my eye on brickshelf.

In this walker Mark makes a bold moves and mixes color with steampunk. Producing a marvelous MOC.

Enough of my rambling Check it out for yourself!


Spook Did It.

It's more likely that the past three weeks have been finals time than anything else, but it's just so much fun to blame Spook....

I didn't think it was possible for izzo to get any better.
But, of course, he did. I love the missile pods on the back.


I should whip out the punish-nater on you little blogerees!

I apologize for the lack of post. Blame it on not me.

I would like to present to you viewer-types this "Greeble-Machine" built by "Mister 007," or Nathan. It's got some great small part use, like cart wheels on the flag pole, and harpoons for legs. And of course, check out those sweet greebs! Head over to flickr and give him a high-five.
And, don't miss these flamin-hot TF2 Pyro T-shirts in the Valve Store. Speaking of Valve, I just picked up, played, and beat Portal. You should too.




Fire when ready!

I'm not normally into Star Trek stuff, but this lego-fied version of a Romulan Warbird is the best I've ever seen. Kudos to brickshelf user AdmiralStupid who built it. :)

Alternate title: I wish I had this many green pieces

(I assume it's new since it was in recent folders on BS >.>)

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