Today, I blog Town.

Also known as City.

An experimental rescue VTOL by Pierre Fieschi, who also is responsible for some cool microspace action. And seeing as we've blogged VTOLs here before, it fits. The model itself is pretty darn spiffy, built at a smaller scale than we're accustomed to seeing, about half mini-fig scale. Check out some of clever part applications, if Pierre had fanboys they'd be goin all "OMG NPUUUU" and the like.

There's also another challenge in the Starfighters group. You don't win anything but you get the good feeling of participation. If my own personal ABS wasn't packed away I'd bust something out.


Thrictep C-31

Cool mulitiped by spacie 11. The functioning technic parts blend in with with the look of the MOC without looking out of place, and the spikes and stripes add visual flair. It's not your average war mecha, but it's wonderfully wonky-cool.




Despite it being tacked into a sub-theme that's already been dragged through muds of various kinds, this MOC is actually pretty original and well built.

I really like the incorporation of that canopy piece and the tire. By _nash.


This Is Post #701


Of all the Star Wars vehicles that have been built to death over the past decade, the Twin Pod Cloud Car remains relatively untouched. Legohaulic, AKA Tyler Clites brings us a great rendition, and at the same time gives Chuck Citrin a run for his money in terms of Fig-Fitting.


This Is Post #700

No kidding, we've posted a total of 700 updates to date. And yet you people keep reading. Clearly no one ever taught you to have good taste. But since you're here, let us show you some Lego® Building Blocks!

First up, Dan Rubin's Contus Lancer Corvette. This craft is beautiful, simply put. It reminds me heavily of a certain Star Trek ship, which has always been one of my favorites.
There are plenty of things to rave on about, the striping leading into the fins, the texture, the color scheme, but since I'm not getting paid by the hour, we're moving on!

Next, of course, is Soren Roberts and his nifty little freighter.
Generally speaking, it's accepted that anything Soren produces is magic. Never let it be said that I differed from the norm.

And last but not least, whatever happened to izzo?
Does he still build? Post on Bshelf? Walk this earth? I've been out of it for a while. I'm as flummoxed as you are dear reader.

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