Trackback, you say?

While TBB covers wobnam's weird dystopic vignette, we'll just have a look at this here cargo freighter he built.

Hmm, the name sounds familiar...

With Brickcon coming up, I might get a couple more posts in before we leave, but that will be it.

Unless, of course, I take my laptop and find an internet connection and cover the SPACE display. But for now, a cool mech by primus30eight.



Jas Nagra's G&K Aeureon MkIII has a really cool name.

Yeah, I guess the mech is all right, too.

Chapter 34, in Which Mike Breaks Jacob's Posting Streak

I just wanted to show you this humorous little piece. And to assure you that I am still alive. School+Illustrator+Female=No Blogging for Mike.


I'm in a micro mood today.

And legosamurai's lunar lander tickles me something else.


Soren's Fleet Carrier

Okay, Soren has been building awesome stuff for a long time now, but this massive carrier is my favourite yet.

While I only estimate it to be between one and two feet long, the fact that it's between one or two feet of microship makes it huge. I'll add a link to more pictures as soon as he takes them. :D He's added more pictures, just click through his photostream from the main picture.


Noddy's Rocket

Noddy hasn't built any SPACE before, but this is a great first.

This is full of great parts use, from the whips and troll wheels on the bottom of the rocket, to the use of rubber bands to make the pilot taller.


Why did he lose?

General Grievous was probably my favourite character from SW:ROTS, but he died so stupidly.

Can you look at obscurance's model of this badass guy and say he truly deserved to lose to a man with a quarter as many lightsabers?



Peter Morris's MML is a massive missile carrier/launcher that also sports four defense turrets.

That's some seriously whacked-out hardware (as you can see, we at the YSA are very "with it" ).

New Britain's newest addition

Flickrstar Shadow Viking finished his New Britain Helicopter Gunship:

I especially like the rotor assembly. See the whole set here.

Shannon Ocean's "coral reef"

See the beautiful vig here.

I think he's just calling it an underwater reef to hide the fact that he's discovered flying sharks on Venus.


The People's Universal Gunslinger

Although the name confuses me a little, this ship is making rexcarnage a household name around here.


Groping free of charge.

The SSDV-01A Small Supply Delivery Vehicle is built in that jumbled, yet coherent, style only jehkay can pull off.


Why do you hate me, Brickshelf?

Still trying to get in the hang of things- don't delete us yet!

Have a look at this chocolatier store by EDGE-JAPAN.



Check out this recon fighter by Peter Morris.

It's both an improvement on an old model, and an elaboration on a newer, simpler one.



Yeah, this is a SPACE blog... let's say it happens in the future. >_>

But still, I'd like it if you took a look at my latest build, a mobile crane. See the full description on flickr.

Oh, right, blog.

Well, this being a blog run by teenage boys, the start of school has hit us all. Actually, I just started this week. My problem has been finding that can't access the Brickshelf server. I'm getting through a little more often now, so I think it's time to start Yesterday's Spaghetti Analyzer once more.

I'm surprised no one has blogged Stefan's XR-21 yet. I'd go on about what I like here, but the people on this page do a fine job of it.


Racer Mech Round-up

Here are just a couple of my favorites this fad has produced.
Spooky Tim
Andrew Lee
Grand Admiral Mark

Unlike most fads, this one actually takes some skill to partake in. I'm enjoying what I see.

It's Like Awesome in a Shotglass.

Very rarely do I see an MOC that leaves me speechless. These days, even huge SHIPs are common enough. But there's something about this that I can't describe. It's beautiful.


The cavalry has arrived.

As you may have been able to tell from the somewhat cavalier (pun intended) title, I'm rather proud of my latest creation: the RAMM Hauptpanzer, or Main battle Tank.

It took me several months to build, though mostly because I was too lazy to set up a Bricklink account and buy the cheese-wedges for the feet (and since I bought 60, I went crazy with them on the rest of the MOC as well.) My personal favorite details are the ladder on the left front leg and the engine greeblies (though I don't have any pictures of those because I added the radiators on top of them without a means of temporary removal.)




I think it's how unusual this is. Most sci fi MOCs have guns. A lot are insect-inspired, and tons of them are red.
Never before have I seen all three combined.

Well played.

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