They make photographing black look easy.

R-50/J "Black Dragon" 01by stefan

BR01-1075 Main photoby teddy

Morris Minor HotRod- opening sunroofby firas

like, OMG MATCHING COLORS. there must be something happening on the inside. look out.

click images for galleries.



Aleksander Stein

I honestly think that Aleksander Stein is the best military modeler, ever. The fact that his models are both detailed, functional, and that many of them have realistic camouflage color schemes, a difficult objective that a lot of military builders shy away from, places him at the top. They're system figure scale too, making them ripe for dioramas and displays.


Better than the average fan art

Quite amazing artwork inspired by the original starwars trilogy, by British poster artist Olly Moss:

I'm particularly in love with the Boba Fett/Bespin one, the integration of the city as the visor is nothing short of brilliant.

Via WIRED.com

Moss' website.

who also has *exquisite* taste in video-gaming.



Yummy space buggies from Cole Blaq and Tyler Clites, both incorporating the same windshield piece:

Planetary Explorer

Both models are excellent examples of detailing. Tyler's does a great job capturing the utilitarian look with the sand red(!) color scheme and soft-core greebling by way of exposed studs and prefab parts, and I adore the rear suspension on Cole's.

I've also been impressed by Lord Dane's recent hardsuit thing, especially the armament.


Can I call it, "Float Punk"?

Inspired ski-fi artwork by Ian McQue. Via Conceptships. Also, he paints. I haven't been this captivated by someone's aesthetics and technique since I discovered Ashley Wood. Then again I don't look at enough art.



Andreas H. (MOCPage, Flickr) throws down quite an awesome dio on a par normally reserved for adult fans, i.e. the likes of Goldman and Ried.

Fulla towers and bunkers and shtuff, as well as this nifty VTOL:

The asymmetric dual cockpit is saucy.

Click for the gallery, which includes the underground train station.

Underground train station.



From the late great nnennFlickr. RIP.




After a year-long hiatus or so, Rong Yiren's back in the gameeee

Also this clever exo-suit by Cade Roster.


Posting some town and castle, y'all

Because it happened again. And I said I would.

Woah what's this. MattJaster of the Twea Effect seams to be ripping our posts. This means YSAB will soon be featuring train MOCs.

hahah im not actually hating

and i dont say 'yall' either



Okay so the Brothers-Brick has totally been stealing possible posts by linking a ton of space stuff recently. Like, that's our job.

By fredo.

huh maybe there should be some town and castle stuff on this blog as well



Wait what?



It's like sky-fi/fantasy punk (lame) but with rocket engines (awesome). You won't find propellers here.

by flickr user Karwik



Baller work from Talros, AKA Daniel Graffenberger, a German conceptual artist.

On deviantArt.com
On Mod DB



is how to use cheese slopes.


There is no renewal.

Nannan of the Bothers-Brick beat us, but wutevs.

A Goldman diorama based on the film, "Logan's Run", which everyone knows as that one movie that used Dolby A for the first time. As for this particular build, I kinda miss the "access to the water table is key" thing Keith had going on in some of his previous stuff. Not sure if I like the blue roofs (rooves?), either.

/i dont think those are roofs/

That was a joke.

Copious amounts of pre-fab foliage as well as the newly dubbed "Keith arches" are present, but what isn't is the amusing smack-talk that I found taboo and inapro-pro on his older posts, back when I was a MOCpages lurker circa 2006. Seems to be the case throughout most of his flickr photostream, in fact I don't think his MOCpage still exists.

/ you say that like youre complaining/

Keith shows you his legos on his flickr, but if you're feeling frisky or oldschool, you can view some of the same stuff by searching oprah on brickshelf.

/um whats brickshelf/
"Are those the stolen Pokemon Yellow game paks?"

"No sir I think that's




There's actually been a lot of post-worthy stuff recently, then it occurred to me how cool and hassle-free updates are.


So sometimes I blag things made from LEGO System Building Bricks

And sometimes I don't. Today of course, I do.
From Lord Dane, this nice little clawed thingy.

And then there's this thingy.

Also ornj.


So space stuff has been kinda thin lately.

So we're gonna make due.

you mean "do"? Doo? Dew?

Elephant limo FTW.

So in Scott Pilgrom vs. The World the band is called "Sex Bob-Omb", like as in the things from Mario? Don't tell me that isn't cool. Because it's not. I mean it is. Ugh.



After a the first progress photos published in mid May, Rob AKA flickr screen name dasnewton presents the finalized version of his first micro scale capital ship:

Absolute baller. Despite all the angles that make Rob's work so unique, there is a very dynamic, cohesive shape to the model which helps pass it along as a larger vessel than the fighters we're use to seeing form him. One of my favorite details is the armored-looking bridge section, practical but not without flare.


An Assortment of the Moderately Bizarre

By Bartosz Kacprzyk.

The Az-Techs:

Planet Cracker:

Erik here is also a fan of Peirre's latest microspace doodle.

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