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I mean, this is really cool, right? It reminds me of Jon Hall's work, with the sleekness traded for a bit of jank. It's grunge on wings. Here's a work of Hall's:

P-23 Skywolf 03

Don Solo made a cool space windmill, accompanied by the sweetest rover you ever did see. Trans purple!

Numereji 2421 Atmospheric Processor & Supply Rover

Numereji 2421 Atmospheric Processor & Supply Rover


Evolution of Swag: Ominous Fotress Edition

Non-Lego, but eh. First.

Elsewhere on the internet, I follow a blog that led me to this image:

Now my initial reaction was, "that's pretty cool", but on second thought, and I am always one to ask myself this, where have I seen this before?

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer (1985)
I admit to having seen this film multiple times.

Metropolis (1927)

Laputa / Castle in the Sky (1986)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)

Spirited Away (2001)

Steamboy (2004)


Where are the Brickarms

In the Tile Every Damn Stud era, these minifig scale models by Brickshelf user "Nyu" stand out as quaint. Each of them can be seen in this Brickshelf folder.

Excuse me, did you perchance say, BATTLE TRAIN?

I am currently making a historic military MOC in a similar scale, so these have been pleasant inspiration. Perhaps these obscure lo-fi builds from yesteryear can be accommodated by obscure lo-fi music from yesteryear. Hmm.

How is that for impressment of taste?


Maschinen Krieger Contest / alt. title MA.K IN ACTION

A bit late, but fashionably so. Winners of the Ma.K starfighter contest were announced last week. The contest drew a greater participant response than expected, and it was great to see so many different takes on Yokoyama's theme from a number of builders. It was also comforting to see the starfighter mold to be broken with such enthusiasm, because you know, seeing the same repeated arrow/bullet shaped craft loses its perk after a while. Here's some notable entries:

Mountain King seems recently joined Flickr in order to enter the contest. His Mercenary Dragonfly is my favorite among those that placed in the top three.


Ted Andes' Hammerhead was my favorite entry. Good shaping all around, and the sticker is ace.


I commend Mark Stafford for his use of the big technic panels. Wow I don't even know where they're from. Also, I found some people's interpretations of Ma.K to simply be a myriad of cylinders and rounds things attached at odd angles. Though this has a place (as exemplified below) Stafford refreshingly fulfilled the Ma.K Mercenary faction's aesthetics with his model.

MaK Geisterjaeger

Cole's entry has a most interesting shape, and I'm in love with the beige. It stands out from a lot of other models that made use of neutral colors.

Ma.K Höllenhund

Tyler Clites won Tim Gould's "heart tile" printed piece award for his Zebra rounds. His also features two shades of orange, one in the craft and one in the stand, both of which I can only guess as to what they might be. Dark orange? Nougat? Brown?

Also, FeMechanic.


Perhaps I'm kinky but I've always wondered if someone would come along and totally diss the brick, cutting them up and painting them while still coming out with a product that didn't look crappy. Enter John Judy. Unfortunately his entry was disqualified because it was painted.

Merc starfighter: G. Melas 11

"Steelbreeze9's" entry is really bad ass.

Outside of official entries, a number of Ma.K creations surfaced of the non-starfighter variety. Organizer T.R. Brownridge build a number of hardsuits that I have featured in previous posts. Tim "Spook" Zarki made this multiped:

MaK Langbein Anti Infantry Tank

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