The King of Micro-Space Returns.

Mike Yoder continues his amazing microscale ship line with four new ships.

I like all of them, but the Blackwater stands out the most. It really conveys a sense of danger. I've always loved mercenary ships.
And that name is so cool.
The Rubicon is my second favorite. The cheese slopes used as multiple cargo containers work well. And the other three are hot as well. I'm betting Lukas and/or Chuck was planning on blogging these. And fellows, don't let me stop you. Add your thoughts on these ships.

On a side note, I finally updated to FFv2. It's been two minutes and I love it already.



Mike, remember not to put the builder's name on the labels. I think it clogs up the labels section too much-- just put genre and your name :D

No, I don't have anything else to talk about. That's it.

A Pretty Cool Moniter on Your Moniter

CSFer JordanTN built this sweet mech. I love the amount of weapons packed on. Looks like one tough customer. I also like the use of EF stickers. They add a nice finishing touch to it.
It's really amazing what some people can do when they put their minds to it.
K, real life calls. I'll return.


Cotton Eye Joe

Ranger uploaded a decentlycool pic to Flickr. I like the idea.

It must almost be time for a round of hat pics on Flickr. Bohman started it.

this little tidbit caught my eye. Pretty cool...uh...thing.

And something I've been thinking about over the past few days. I know there are quite a few car MOCs, or models on B-Shelf, but I'm looking for muscle car types. Mustangs, Camaros, GTOs, ect. Any help would be awesome.
Musical Ifluence: Rednex.

Uhhh... space?

Well, I was gonna post what Mike just posted. Good for him :D

But I have more! An old acquaintance, (from my horrendous SSLF days...), Ellio, has made a freak-tasticular "Long Range scout." I love it! The awesome plate snotwork to get the round engine shape and the colors are perfect... the only issue is the under-detailed cockpit.

Still one of my favorite spacers, Spook, made some sooper seksi Space Combat suits. These are great, believable and not oversized. I especially like the handles on the orange guy's suit in this pic.

And Armothe, probably most known for his custom weapon work with Red Bean (see link list: brickarmory) has made a beautifully simple little 1-man walker mech. Good use of that dome part, and it hardly takes up any space. The custom stickers are very nice, as well.

Musical Motivation: The Postal Service



Hover Ferrari

Izzo MOC

Notre Dame

Some may notice post is short. Words in short supply. Later.


Wow 3 posts today

Dunno if that's good or bad... to fast for "The People" or lots of good enthusiasm to post (I'm watching you chuck!)

Oh well. Mike Crowly ("Count Blockula" to most) has this ongoing "Turtles Versus Crabs!" thing going on, and the king of the Turtles is none other than Bowser, the koopa king! He also has a green version, which he will use somehow.

On another note, brickshelf Athos (and member of classic-castle) has a nifty series of vignettes going, each letter representing a different midevel occupation. Here is [G] [B] [S]
Dunno if he's gonna make it through the whole alphabet. X, Y, and Z could be hard. And O. And Q.

Musical Motivation: Weird Al

An alternate to end all alternates

Since lukas insisted that I post something, here it goes: As we all know, the B-wing lego set is basically a box with wings and a cockpit. As was the re-release of the set, except with a nifty stand. But Moko managed to make something useful out of this useless box: one awsome chicken-legged walker. No, n00bs, it wasn't one of your average Starwars walkers, or anything Starwars at all (Thank God), but an awsome alternate set, which puts a lot of other B-wing alternates to shame. As always, good job Moko.


I was right in the middle of a post and I closed the window.

Well, it's a different computer and it's all...different.

But anyway, most of what I was going to say was to check Masoka Tanga. Read Tom's post, and be enlightened. Or at least, save me some trouble.

I was going to point out Mike Yoder's Alien scenes & comic. In case you've been living in a Tibetan Monastary and haven't seen them.

And I was also going to give Chuck a plug. Since he won't get his butt into gear and start posting. :-P

Digital Electronic Zombie Programmed for Exploration, Rational Assassination and Dangerous Observation

And check out the Cyborg Name Generator. Waste some time, find a cool name, wish you had a life, ect, ect.



Here is another Awesome List Of Related Stuff for you to enjoy; Fig Galleries!

[1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5]
^Dunechaser's b-shelf is basically a huge fig gallery!

Hooray for self-promotion!! :D

Hey Guys

Wake up! There's TONS of stuff to post :D Chuck and Mike, *slaps faces*

I think we shouldn't add tags for builders anymore, as most of them just build up. Just to genres and other random topics... I think that would be better. I like the colors right now... so I won't change them. I'm assuming it was Mike who made them like this, just seems like him...


Industrial Robots Rule!

I love them sooo much. Here are some examples as an Awesome List Of Related Stuff! (ALORS, another list idea like Random List Of Stuff I Don't Want To Talk About from Lukas)!!

[1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5]

Hooray for ALORS and Industrial Mecha! I also added Izmojuki as a link on the Sidebar.

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I don't know about anybody else but I'm am seriously looking forward to the new Brikwars updated rulebook. I know not much would change, but I'm excited anyway. So, who else?





Okay! That's great guys, it's always better to look forward to something together. He's throwing some minor things into the air, like his new Horse Card, along with the Rider. YAY!

But I do have some actual lego to note. Brickshelf Ayucow has made a really interesting space-age town building: the "Beef Bowl hut" I love the hovercar/bike rack, and the entire building looks really cool (from the exterior at least...) I love little creations like this that catch me off guard.

Musical Motivation: The Shins

For the Word is Hollow, and I Have Touched the Sky.

Tis a dark dark day when all I can find to blog is some sillytrain stuff.

Oh. Look. Some space is here to save the day. A bit old, but since Bram just posted to CSF, I feel justified.
I love the shape of it, the striping and the details, but my favorite part is the idea of a UN or United Earth or whatever MBM. Totally cool.


This is here because I want it here

'member, this is in my opinion.
The [1] and [2] are MOC examples as to why I put them in that category.

Best Micro Space:
==Soren [1] [2] (plus some other micro bits in his flickr stream)
==Ken-Tucky [1] [2]
==Spook [1] [2]
Honorable Mention: Jerrac
Best Minifig Space
==Giddins [1] [2]
==Teh Phil [1] [2]
==Rice [1] [2] (plus some cool non-space things)
Honorable Mention: The since-passed Travis
2nd Honorable Mention: DanR
==Goldman [1] [2]
==Drake [1] [2] (okay, it's steampunk, but whatever.)
==Jassim [1] [2]
Honorable mention: Sandlin
Best Mecha
==Sun Yun [1] [2]
==Soren [1] [2]
==Mladen [1] [2]
Honorable Mention: Pete (mecha, bots, does the difference matter?)
Another Honorable Mention: Kyle (cool gunships too)
Best Land (this one was hard... so gimme a break, k?)
==Paul [1] [2]
==Gil [1] [2]
Honorable Mention: Jamie
Best... Misc
==Chuck [1] [2]
==Moko [1] [2]
Best Steampunk (YES IT COUNTS AS SPACE FOR NOW!!, so shut up.)
==Jonesy [1] [2]
==Kee-voh [1] [2]
Honorable Mention: Andrew

Other People who win:

And the grand awesome dude is.....


(okay, actually it's Soren because he got awards in two categories, but I beat him anyway)

I don't mean to... offend anybody with this list. If your name is not on there, don't feel bad or anything. Please? I just wanted to show some big things that I get inspiration from.

---[I just felt like posting this on this blog as well to get some more content up]---

Brass Goggles, among other things.

I received my new WIRED mag today. They had a "playlist" section- basically just 10 cool things that they had found. One of them cought my eye, a blog called "Brass Goggles." It's a blog about the more "real" side of Steampunk-- how cool is that? I'll add it to the "other stuff" link list.

ps-- I posted some new stuff [1] [2] [3] [4]

Doube ps-- Classic-castle'r and brickshelf E of Alshire has made some sweet custom figs based off one of my favorite old skool fighter dudes- Landsknechts! Great use of the rubber bands, and the picture at the end is sweet!

Triple ps-- One of my favorite spacers, Spook0114, has made a wicked awesome robotic defense thing. I love the round frame, and the legs look beefy and strong. AWESOME!


zOMG Awesomesauce!!!!! aka The Kraken Awakens

No, I don't know what the title means. It just sums up what I think when I see this.
Thanks to Josh from TBB for pointing this out.

I love the kraken it's self "How do ye say it anyway, kraken? cracken? krakin?"
Man, I gotta see PotC 2 again soon.
So anway, take the time to browse through all the pics, listen to all the sound effects. (I have no sound on this computer) and marvel at how awesome it is.
And yes, Chuck must blog a castle next. The the circle will be complete. BWAHAHAHAAHAHA! oh...uh....right.
I'm not really sure how we switched our URL from moyblik to brickstuff, but I'm sure Lukas knows what he's doing.....right Lukas?


Okay, so we're still messing with colors and stuff, but this is cool anyway. I thought I'd start off with a quick MOC highlight-- this castle by brickshelf "loveyuki." I think what I like about it is the "upright"-ness of it. It has a lot of space (With fold-ey panels! Cool!), but it only covers one 32x32 baseplate- he/she has it built nicely upwards. With tons of cool details ([1] [2] [3]) and a removable bit, this castle is win. Nice colors too.

p.s. guys, I'm doing tags again. Label your posts with your name, (eg "mike", "lukas", "chuck")

Greetings, Snow Munchers

What else is there to say ; )

Mr. Snoikle is In The House

I have arrived. And yes, I did resent being last on the list of author. Until I realized it's in alphabetical order. :-D

It's getting there.

I still need to work the colors and the other guys hafta join. But, it's looking cool, no?

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