Brickshelf user kwi-chang built an awesome mech. It's like... duuuuuude. Wooooaaaahhh. Maaaaannn... If you stare at it long enough you'll see what I mean..


Blue Skies

First one to rag on Hanson gets removed from the blogger list.
First, is this really cool tank thing, followed by a nice little farm built by TBB's own Josh

And of course, nnenn still builds
Well, that's it for now playas. I got work to do.

Musical Influence: Hanson.


Catch-up post

I seem to blog nearly everything Izzo builds. That's because Izzo builds cool things. So here's "35."

Chuck C. has built a couple of cool things. ( Ferrari mecha | Patrol boat )

I'm sure I'm missing something, but here's a little something to keep you going while the blog slows down a little.


Eddie Rickenbacker, standing by.

Mike Psiaki's WWII X-wing is awesome. 'nuff said.


Audi R8

There are a lot of things I am a sucker from, even though they aren't space. One of them...is cars. Lego cars. And this one wins.

See everything here. I think that there are quite a few things we spacers can learn from things like cars. The shaping on this is amazing (it would have been impossible 5 or 6 years ago because of all the new slopes we're seeing).

On the spacey side...

There is a nice little "Ugly Starfighter" contest over at FBTBforums.net. This entry from member Stefan has some potential:

I think it fits the ugly definition quite nicely, and resembles the official B-Wing very well.

And of course, Olog's Natai, another entry, is an awesome fusion of a Naboo Starfighter and a TIE-D, although I can't say it's ugly at all:

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