Happy Mermorial Day

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I promise I'll update someday soon. If I ever remember/feel like it.

Yeh. Stuff.

I've added two new blog finds to the "lego blogs" list.

  • SteamBricks, which is similar to Tinker Press, will highlight steampunk MOCs out there.
  • LEGO Contests will keep you clued in to new lego competitions around the area. Hope he catches all of them, because so far I don't see...
Aaron's new Moon Buggy contest! Hooray! go build some space thingy with wheels. Now.

Also, Kaitimar (on b-shelf), who I blogged before, has some gnarly (I know you like that world) new creations. He has a spinner, and a gnarly (hehee I said it again) police cruiser. Both are very nice.

I need to get off the computer...


of planks and dogs: the BeamHound

That's what the ever-popular spook's latest is called. Romholler L-AF BeamHound, to be precise. In his words,

The Romholler Yards Laser Assault Frigate, dubbed the BeamHound, is basically a large gun with an engine and bridge strapped to it.

I'm really liking this one. Spook seems to have succeeded in his mission of "color blocking and unblocking and such." The blocking is nice, as exemplified by the large red areas on both sides. The "unblocking," as he so amusingly dubs it, is also very well executed, although I can't help but think that it would have been a bit better still if he'd used a few less colors. It is, nevertheless, an excellent MOC.

Now let's just hope Spook hasn't already blogged it for himself.

Supermassive Black Hole.

Mark Stafford built a fighter. I am happy again.



NickGreat, who has some of the most amazing custom minifigs I've ever seen, has a new one!
The Green Samurai! Beautiful detail + color, along with some nifty parts usage (Green Goblin face for the torso armor, "Rat" head for the horse helmet, Lando's barge helmet...) Gotta love that green and gold.

It seems to be part of a little series he has, first the Black Samurai (with wicked looking wavy~sword), then his White samurai (nothing special there really, my least favorite), the Red Samurai (who's only specialty is the painted armor and goblin helmet), and then this one. He sure does love those Green goblin faces!

Then the Morning Comes

Ok izzo, you can stop testing. We all know you've mastered mecha


Blinded by the Light

Something something something another roller in the night. Ah, good times.

Knick builds. A very snazzy little quad legged mech/tank. I really like his on-going Austrian themed militant vehicles. I want to see a group shot, if they're all still together. I also want to build again now. *sigh* it's been a while.

Squieu Builds!

Yes, finally that infamous Japanese builder has resurfaced on the interwebs! He has an awesome series of "chess robots" (or GuardBots, as his gallery informs me). They all have the same look-- dark grey/bley, spindly, and veeeeerry awesome.

He has The Queen, Pawns, Bishops, Rooks, and Knights. What's left? The King of course! I look forward to what that will look like...
Anyway, I love all of these. If I had the pieces I would build every one (and some a few times) and make my own chess set.

But something that I can make, is squieu's new little hardsuit. I don't know what "midori no hito" means, (if anybody does, inform me! [that means you andrew :O]), but this is the cutest, chubbliest (I made a word!) hardsuit thing ever! I love it. I can just about tell how it is built too, and I think I will attempt to make it.

And then one last thing.... Legohaulic has some awesome techniques using a piston.... go check 'em out!


I'm Not Dead Yet

I know, it's shocking. I just survived a 5-day bout with NO Internet. Which really sucked. I'm also considering quitting blogging some time soon. But until then, I shall update! This Mech from Jamie is pretty much the biznazz. Sweet as heck and twice as looney. izzo is such a jerkface. He just can't stop making tight stuff. I give up on posting more stuff, my head feels like a pound of C4 in a forest fire.



Greetings ladies and gents! I welcome you here tonight at the "Moy-blike" theatre. We have a special showing for all of you, a taste as to what the future of our powerful new steam technology has to offer, and a glimpse into a fantastical world where man lives on floating rocks! So ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on what is just beyond the curtain!

You can see here, my dear friends, the future of civilian aircraft! Is your small ornithopter not going fast enough? These will be available soon, at an affordable price, for the normal folk like you and I! What a wonder air travel is!

As for the military, our specialists are hard at work, and have made the so called "X-wing" fighter plane for mid-air combat. Professor Steamwalker is currently working on allowing this scourge of the skies to be in our air military. What a fright that would be for the enemy!

What about those floating rocks I told you about? Why here my people, look at this! Yes, yes it is quite amazing! A floating piece of land! Extraordinary! It might be difficult to get down from, Haha! That's all the more reason to have your own flying contraption!

And for those of us who want a little extra help around the house, we have a newly developed automaton to do those chores! Mr. Barrels, after the look of his forearms and calves, is the loving little helper for any household! Watch his articulate hands handle these frail everyday objects.... you see? he's just.... Oh my. No AAHHHH! OOOOH! EEP..... eee.....no, he's not supposed to... pick him up....ohhh.... Um, pardon me ladies and gentlemen. Do not worry, the kinks will be worked out before you buy any!

I hope to see you again my fellow friends!

hmm I feel a little weird after this post. Hope I didn't make too much of a idiot out of myself.

I just been p0wn3d.

Some of you may remember when I built a Ghost from Halo (photoshopped pic so it's at least purple.) Well now Brickshelfer Mondaynoodle has made one that quite easily outdoes mine. It's *actually* purple, it's virtually studless, the details are actually existent... The only thing that's wrong with it is it's a bit too tall and the details are forced to exist even thought they don't really fit. But at any rate, it's good, and I'm blogging it because it's good, but I felt that "I just been p0wn3d" would make for an interesting title. Oh, and his Elite sucks.

Musical influence: Breaking Benjamin


Bob-omb and Hotrod...

Mike Crowly continues his awesome-lacious nintendo character (w/karts!) series with everybody's favorite exploding friend, the bob-omb! Sure, it never rode in Mario Kart games, but it's cool!

Also, Mr. Zumbi from brickshelf (a master of many things, including cars, farm stuff, mechs, and whatever else!) has some quick mini-instructions for his Hotrod. Neat.


Spook is here!

Hi guys.

I just wanted to let you all know that Lukas invited me to be a contributer. (In case he did this without telling you, or something.) So...yeah. Maybe I can help a little with the declining posts per month, eh? :D

homeworld and bulldogs and... er, nothing else... oh my!

I seem to be cursed with having to reassure people that I'm not dead every time I post. Oh well, here goes: I'm not dead.

And I'm very glad of it too. If I were dead, I'd have never seen this sweet new microscale ship from spook. There's just so much to love about it: The color stripes, the greebles, the docking bay, the simple yet elegant shape, the subtle details... I'll stop even trying to list everything that's awesome about it. The stripes are great because instead of being all boring, they have little bits of licht blue in them, and there's a gap in one of them. They are also completely uninterrupted save for the above things. So they're very well executed. The greebles, as Bram pointed out on Flickr, has a amazing amount of variation for the amount of space it takes up, and that space is very nicely shaped. The docking bay's orange border is quite pwnsome, and I love the use of the whatever-those-are's for docking rings. But all those details aside, this ship still has a very good shape. Those white canopy parts make excellent nose sections, especially with the sensors sticking out from the one. The mandibles on either side of the docking bay only add to the awesomeness., and the little bunp on the nose, which I'm assuming is the bridge, is so well integrated it took me several looks through the gallery to realize it was there, and when I did I loved it for some reason, so now I decided I'd mention it.

Duane Hess, also known as Legozilla, has made a very good bulldog sculpture using Bram's sculpture generator thing. Nothing much to comment on, it's just a great sculpture.

And I'll rip off Mike and post musical influence: Aerosmith



Yup. See our posts/month number? Declining. Rapidly. 21-23-19-....12. Only twelve. Oh well. Mr. Pratt over here has a lovely quadra-ped mecha to cheer us up. It's just awesome. Awesome simplicity of plates along with a complicated build and neat-o features. Sure, it has some rough spots, but it makes me want to build something with more than 2 legs more than ever.

Speaking of things with 2 legs, look at Nathan's Canadian Post Truck. Wheels you say? NAY, this baby has LEGS! Yeah. It transforms. Yeah. It's wicked.

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