Wait what?



It's like sky-fi/fantasy punk (lame) but with rocket engines (awesome). You won't find propellers here.

by flickr user Karwik



Baller work from Talros, AKA Daniel Graffenberger, a German conceptual artist.

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is how to use cheese slopes.


There is no renewal.

Nannan of the Bothers-Brick beat us, but wutevs.

A Goldman diorama based on the film, "Logan's Run", which everyone knows as that one movie that used Dolby A for the first time. As for this particular build, I kinda miss the "access to the water table is key" thing Keith had going on in some of his previous stuff. Not sure if I like the blue roofs (rooves?), either.

/i dont think those are roofs/

That was a joke.

Copious amounts of pre-fab foliage as well as the newly dubbed "Keith arches" are present, but what isn't is the amusing smack-talk that I found taboo and inapro-pro on his older posts, back when I was a MOCpages lurker circa 2006. Seems to be the case throughout most of his flickr photostream, in fact I don't think his MOCpage still exists.

/ you say that like youre complaining/

Keith shows you his legos on his flickr, but if you're feeling frisky or oldschool, you can view some of the same stuff by searching oprah on brickshelf.

/um whats brickshelf/
"Are those the stolen Pokemon Yellow game paks?"

"No sir I think that's


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