Wisp - Inter Atmospheric Fighting Pod Dave Steeves. Two familiar images contrasting here: the yellow accents and caution striping hint at something industrial and mechanical, while the form appeals to some sort of insect. Both themes are familiar enough, but at the same time frightening. The probe at the front is delightfully violative. This LEGO advertisement for the 1998 Insectoids theme was before my time, as I was then at the primo stage in life, but relevant:


Shoot them before they shoot you

Both the design and the rendering, executed by Genghis Don, are superb. It looks like an elongated version of this fighter craft seen in Cowboy Bebop:

WTo-06B Gunbastard
More Mobile Frame Zero designs from Malcom Craig. This one is delightfully chunky.

The two-tone, patchwork color scheme on flickr user imaginationDUCK's mech works well to inspire urban camouflage. It definitely calls to mind Spook's work, who has been prolific as of late.


Concept-inspired LEGO design

Nidhogg Dropship
Flickr user Drywall created this dropship. His LEGO rendering is inspired by artwork done by Ukitamkumuki on deviantArt for a Role Playing Game, called "Space Vagabonds", in 2009.

There's a lot of good things going on with Drywall's model. The exposed studs do good to break up the awkward texture created by the slightly beveled edges of tiles. The three color rule is used with some reservations. The aesthetics of the source artwork really comes through, even if the LEGO model is a bit boxier. Fun details include the believably minimal chin and tail armaments, as well as the landing gear.
Nidhogg Landed
Gotta love his choice of coloring on the figures as well. The cardboard backdrop is actually pretty effective.

These armored suits, also part of Ukitakumuki's Space Vagabonds series, remind me of the biosuits from a Niell Blomkamp short that saw popularity during the time that District 9 was being hyped. Twee Affect, on that.   


So that's what that feels like

Brickshelf user Tiler has created both these figure-scale and mini "Tumblers" as seen in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Click the pictures for the corresponding galleries, as well as instructions. Check them out!

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