Okay For Real Now

The mechanical steed is of Scotty's design.

This one by red space cat is so great I am posting more than one picture of it!

Very sleek lines, and accomplished with a relatively low part count and in sand blue to boot!

Hey, smod's back! I sense portal inspiration. Looks like something off of an Aperture Science assembly line.

Embrace Your Inner Townhead


YSAB reblogged Brothers-Brick

heheh it's like tumblr. Via Timothy Gould of TBB. Spaceship models by Soren Roberts and Rob "DasnewTEN". Here's some earlier work from both builders. It is always interesting how technique develops over time while retaining similar style and aesthetics.

Also I don't know what this is entirely but it's green and has cool wheels.


what the what


Brothers-Brick blogged this back in February, but since then the builder has posted it on flickr as opposed to MOCpages. MOCP's uploader grains up images something fearsome, I do enjoy using the site but I choose to embed pictures off of brickshelf.

This too was featured by the Brothers Brick, which is slightly surprising seeing as it doesn't have a clean, monochrome background, but it's obvious the fantastic build compensates for any presentation shortcomings. Looking at something against a sheet makes me feel like I'm looking at something by Adrian Drake circa 2005. It's kind of cool.

I meant to post this Mech of Robby's design a while ago. I met both the builder and the build at Brickworld in Chicago.

Lastly, this Lego emulation of cold-war Polish bizniz:

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