You can Find Good Stuff on MOCpages

...If you know where to look:

Not quite bionicle, this guy integrates a lot of standard technic as well as some system. The result is absolutely fantastic, very mechanical but somehow alive and natural. The gears add a cool artistic flair and the photography, though it may seem whack at first, actually compliments the edgy feel of the model.

By Cameron.




By Nnenn

On a more detailed note, I love this because of all little protruding greeblies. At first it seems as it seems as if there's no pattern, but then your mind and eyes put it all together and it looks just right, not to mention its size...

Aww, just click the picture.

---I'll link to Nnenn's Brickshelf gallery later, when they moderate it.

------Here it is.


Tyler Clite's Brickworld Display

AKA "Legohaulic" brings us this monster diorama, based on the third "Matrix" film which he revealed at Brickworld last weekend. Unfortunately, there is no gallery to link to at this time. Tyler says, " Pictures just don't do this justice, It was made to be seen in person. Next year...get your butt to Brickworld. "

His APU also won "best mecha":


Brickworld 2009

If you don't want my boring commentary (and my whittling down of the 329 photos to 30) you can just go here and see all my Brickworld photos. Or, you can go here and see everyone's pictures.

On the early morning of Thursday, June 18, I packed my MOCs in the car and began the hour's drive to Wheeling, Illinois.

I arrived around 7 and picked up my Brickworld registration packet, then met up with Matija Grguric, whom I was sharing a room with. We stored my things there, as we weren't to be let into the event hall until 4 PM, and proceeded to go into the event hall anyway because we were helping distribute the pretty yellow stanchions. (note to self: don't arrive quite so early next year.)

After the stanchions were distributed, several AFOLs and a TFOL (me) headed to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center about half an hour away. Our group included Brian Kescenovitz, Nannan Zhang, the aforementioned Matija Grguric, Lee Jones, Chris Phipson, and other people whose names I don't remember and don't feel like looking up.

We had a lot of fun and took many pictures which I won't bore you with here.

Except this one, because it's cool.

We got back and I met the illustrious Shadow Viking, (seated, making gesture with both hands) along with a couple of other cool dudes who I haven't known as long and therefore don't remember their names. Well, one (seated, making gesture with one hand) is Jackson. He's pretty awesome.


Izaak Mazer is clearly the only person in this picture you should care about.

Actually, I've never met Izaak. If you're him, and you're reading this, hi. You're famous now. Only not, because nobody reads YSAB anymore. Here's a picture of Brian K's amazing AMCP module (read: the entire AMCP)

Chris Edwards's amazing action controlling diorama.

Microspacewars. Megahairwars.

Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego BLUESMOBILE! Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego

Waiting in line for the Lego store 50% off damaged sets sale. I bought an Amerald Night, a UCS Greivous, a Crystal Sweeper, a Thunder Driller, and a Hailfire... all for under $150.

The awesome people among us went about 100 feet away where there was someplace to sit. I also had my first Starbucks drink in a while. Good, but not $5-for-a-drink-the-size-of-your-average-can-of-soda good.

Nannan's awesome dio was there. More on that later.

Discussion of renaming "jump the shark" to "nuke the fridge" ensued.

Brian is oblivious.

Scotty... being Scotty.

Nannan fixing the laz0rb33m again.


For once, Tyler makes a face that doesn't involve his eyebrows being raised to an airliner's cruising altitude.

Fradel looking bored.

Peter looking like a viking. Wait, that actually fits.


Carter gets a sideways picture because he's awesome.

Lukas gets a properly exposed picture because they turned the lights back up to where they were when I calibrated my camera.

Jordan gets a wider shot because he won't sit still long enough to get a closeup.

Kyle, Ryan and I were doing a Greivous draft. Scotty bought one of my two, so he got in on it too.

Fradel, Nick, Jackson and I went for a walk.

Nick has two faces he'll make if he knows you're tkaing a picture: SATANFACE and DEMONFACE. Speed demon, that is.

And here's a pretty picture of the wheeling water tower. Needs more missiles, though.


Strange new worlds need strange new robots

I don't know what was going through Spacie's head when he designed that, but the doctors say that he will continue to live a normal life.


Jas Nagra brings us...

Rapid Personnel Deployment Vehicle. A spacey APC featuring suspension by our very own Jacob.


Apparently I have some blogging to do

Jehkay, no doubt stretching his destructive muscles after the Civilian Mecha contest, has created an interesting mix of elements. He as applied his crazy, modern style to the classic PCS S.L.A.M, a popular choice for cover models. The result is what you see on your monitor below:



Well by the time anyone reads this it'll be Sunday but whatever....

First is a lightsaber hilt by Commander Fed AKA Robert Rotgers, a prolific builder on MOCpages:

Also on the MOCPage scene is a series of inspired droids also set in the Star Wars universe:

By hopeso 009

I outta get crackin' on my part of the "crew manifest" section, created via Tim...



Some days, I get online, and there's just a lot of great stuff. This is one of those days.

First off, Cole Blaq has churned out another brilliantly creative work. Since his YSAB debut just three months ago (it was not a magnificent reception on my part), he has been creating all sorts of cool stuff. I witnessed further his creativity when he posted this concept ship, a ship crafted from rainbows. Although he and everyone else could tell that the construction was a failure, Cole stuck at it and refined it into the work you see below:

Highlight number two: Hazel is back, and this time, he's designed a concept tank- the M-03 is an evolution of the US M-1 Abrams and most notably sports duel barrels, a split chassis design, and an array of meticulous details.

Also, check out this mecha car by Micah and this Mini-Rex by Geoff.


NBT Avenger

So, apparently, there's this thing called New Blacktron (there is debate about including the 'T' in the acronym).

by Zachmoe


Erik's fantastic double post:

Dan Rubin presents:

"Pelican Class Cargo Shuttle":

(omg 3 colons)

Rubin, with his Galactic Inquisistion subtheme, was an influential builder to me back in the days before I had the courage/skill to post anything online. I absolutely love his latest model, with its has brilliant shaping, greebling, and lime green(!) highlights. Somehow it manages to look both utilitarian and flashy at the same time.

And I finally figured out the html to make linky pictures, go ahead and click away!

Now for some shamelss self-promotion:

Kind of a robot crawly thing I would've entered in the civilian mecha contest over at Mecha Hub if I wasn't such a procrastinate.

Let's try something new today

I'll experiment with not tagging this post "space", because it would be massively redundant. While we wait to see what happens, have a look at the awesome LL-264 by Lt. Martinet:

guns > swords, but giant swords > giant guns?

Dali Zheng's Mecha Evolution provides a stark insight into the inverse relationship between practicality and coolness in the genre of mecha:


And with the coming of summer...

Busy people like Nick Dean have the time to come out and build. Check out this passanger jet:


YSAB, inconsistent as ever.

This is my favorite of all the 'bots that Shannon Ocean has been doing over the past months. I like to call them "Shanbots"

Check it dood.

Dali Zheng's Manticore will mant your core... wait, what?

I'm confused too.

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