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Sorting. It seems to be a universal excuse for in-activity in this community, something most everyone can relate to. Perhaps it's a way to distance yourself and take a break from our geeky niche-hobby without really letting go, not exactly a dark-age or even a dim-age, but like a flicker because the light bulb isn't screwed in all the way.

Scenario 1:

Jed: "Hey man, how come you haven't posted anything since the last contest?"

Ulysses: "I have been sorting."

Jed: "Cool!"

[ = Mutual Understanding!]
Scenario 2:

Jed: "Hey man, how come you haven't posted anything since the last contest?"

Ulysses: "I got a life."

Jed: "Oh."

[ = Awkward!]
Below is a picture (oh, really?) of my collection, out of use and hidden away in a dark corner of the basement amidst outdated computer hardware and old science projects. I'm going to be sorting it all out for the first time:

By total coincidence, Andrew over at TBB is also going through a sorting phase. He makes mention of a thought that echoes one of my own:

"What I don’t hear a lot of talk about is actually how to go about sorting one’s LEGO — other than sustained frustration about its necessity."
As much as other FOLs talk of sorting on forums and post pictures of the process, there is not so much discussion on how we go about organizing our plastic blocks. And with such a variety of building themes and thinking styles demonstrated within the community, what works for one person might not be nearly as effective for another. There's some good insight on the topic in the comments following Andrew's article, as well as in another TBB post.

As for my situation, I've got about 4 grocery bags worth of unsorted lego, I don't know if that sounds like a lot but it looks like it with the limited floor space that I have. To save space I'm thinking basic blocks will be kept aside in a couple large bins, separated into groups of 1xN and 2xN for later sorting (if any, as I don't use basics so much!). Larger plates will be grouped by dimensions, stacked and put into plastic baggies as I'm not yet sure if I have enough of the small sliding drawers to accommodate everything. Small specialized pieces, SNOT bricks, clips and small technic bits will be sorted first. Another thing I'm taking into consideration is the building style that this collection will service once sorted; elements that I use similarly will be grouped together. Aside from this general idea, I have yet to really make a plan and get started sorting, and that will have to wait until after I get back from a vacation trip, then I'll see how this goes down.

Anyway you're probably as interested in this as a Unicorn would be in cold cereal, so here's a "quick build to get away from sorting" by Spacie 11:

They prefer hot stuff, like oatmeal.

no its becuz they dont exist duhhh


Hey it's working!

I mean this whole regular-posting thing.

Based on concept art from the Matrix films, Paul M. brings us a great hover ship:

And here's a snazzy red spaceship by Serrater, a few days old but still worth your view:


Guess who put a virus on their computer.

So I'm here at the library diong all my computer stuff and I'm really not liking the Internet Explorer they have here. But enough complaining:

A fantastic Mecha by Lord Dane, reminds me of artwork by This Guy. Especially the arms, I love those arms!

Before summer starts to get too busy I'm going to take a stab at sorting my collection; I've been out of the hobby for close to a year now, although to be honest I wasn't ever all that into it. I'm hoping that sorting and expanding my parts library will get me building again, probably some microspace and mecha, possibly trains too. Yeah.

All of it's packed away in a corner in the basement, at least it's no longer on my bedroom floor like it used to be:

Is this why you never had a girlfriend in middle school erik?

Damn I hated middle school.


Hey, Let's See How Long This Lasts!

I mean this whole regular-posting thing.

While it may be overshadowed by the recent unveiling of Tyler and Nannan's lovechild, Peter Reid's microscale space base deserves attention:


In Which We Blog Mulitple Items to Make up for Past Inactivity

XB-70 Valkyrie, a replica model of the experimental bomber aircraft by Justin Vaughn (aka Mainman):

A cool droid by Cameron, notice the use of basketball hoops:

Nathan Proudlove brings us a hip red moon buggy.

and if you haven't already


Monthy post

"A 1/22 scale model of the new Archer artillery system, comissioned by the Royal Norwegian Army's artillery battalion."

by Aleksander

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