EV Heavy Industries

A UK builder under the flicker username Fateheart has recently been putting out consistently awesome anime-inspired mecha, think mobile suits and vertical tanks.

I love the un-tiled studs. FateHeart's style might look a bit antiquated as we've come accustom to sleek, studless builds, but FH's mecha here prove that you don't need the most advanced techniques to get a cool design across. Kudos, man.

Not that we're hating on Brian's MOCs of course. He has yet to post a build this year, let's hope there's something big in the works.

Lastly, this neo-World War II mech is quite great. Liking the simplicity, it looks like it could be easily mass-produced alongside T34 tanks.

Check him out.


Nathaniel Brill built a Starfighter that may be my favorite MOC in years. While the overall design of the craft reminds me of early fighter jets from the Korean war, what really sells it is that canopy. Complete design win.


Nutcracker Sweet

Cole Blaq kills it again with his latest spaceship. A self-described "Nutcracker" for breaching enemy ships, Cole has an uncanny ability to use pieces in just the right way.

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