Royal Austrian Mechanized Military

[Traveling Turtle]
[Tiger Two]
[Fox Two]
[Fast Beetle]



"Time to Interception?"

Based on a piece of concept art from the CSF gallery (originally from Homeworld I think) this fighter is probably my favorite MOC that's been posted in say....the past day? It combines well thought out shapes with excellent colors and soild detailing. I would have liked to see a little bit bigger cannons on the front, just so it would pack a bit more punch. All in all, a very well designed ship, much improved from the WIP{ version that was posted earlier.





Shamless Plug.

On Flickr
More of Arpy's pantsbots. I love the Ranger bot. He's muh faverit. Be happy Arpy. I built some more for you.


OMG Post 100!!!!!

Well, Moyblik's 100th post.I have to say we're doing well so far. I really really want to rant about how crappy my life is right now, but I figure I'll be nice and keep it Lego. And what a load of quality lego we have today!
Chuck's Post-apoc. Commandos.
Legohaulic's Post Apoc. Mech

Just so you know, Tyler (AKA Legohaulic) started this post apoccraze, by building the Sledgehammer and incouraging others to copy.Moyblik's own Spook did just that.
I really think I like Spook's better. Feels a bit more greeblie-thrown together. All them weapons shore do make it look tough.

Dan Rubin's new GI MOC is a very good example of studs used well. I'm with Chris on the front though, it needs a turret.
I don't know if this is new or not, but this HP themed castle is quite nice. The rows of 1x1 cylinders inset in the walls is eye catching, and the texture of the walls themselves is actually pretty tight.

There, I manged to throw soemthing together for Moyblik's 100th post. Here's to the next 100 posts we put out!



Nick has had a a roller coaster ride the past few days. On Wednesday, his new wonderful, year-long project SHIP was totally complete (with the command drone :D). And then *thunder clap* disaster struck. Thursday, he uploaded a picture of his ship. In pieces. Maybe it fell, maybe he dropped it, but that didn't matter, HIS SHIP WERE TEH BROKE!
Later that day he posted another picture, with a totally demoralizing description.

Well I just tried repairing it, and it broke more. It's gone, I've given up.
And between then and this morning, he's gotten 20+ comments from other lego flickr guys trying to cheer him up and get him to fix it! He seems to have acknowledged that, and really is trying to rebuild it now. Come on Nick, you can do it! (before Brickworld too)


Civilian Reconnaisance and Air Patrol (C.R.A.P.)

Peter Morris's latest (and quite inaccurately named) MOC may well be the best brown Space MOC I've ever seen. The overall shape reminds me, and many others, of a B-wing, although I add that it's a B-wing crossed with a Rancor. The lights on the front are a great touch, and the use of those opaque brown canopies on the engines is inspired. Overall, a great MOC. I like.

EDIT: now it has a link. Forgot that last time. ^_^


Get Down On It.

It's been a good week for MOCs. Or at least, today has. First off, Paul hartzog built this sweet little salvage ship. I know Tom (from MT) was building something similar albeit on a much bigger scale. Maybe he'll even finsh it someday.
So anyway, this thing is fun with lots o greebs. Check it out
And Moko's new mecha totally pwns yer face. (like his others didn't) Those dk green highlights are the h0tness.


Some Randacrap

Andrew Lee (or onosendai, or wintermute) made a massive brickshelf uploading the other day of some MOC's he's had sitting around for a while. My favs:

brickshelf mijasper (who I always confuse with marakoesta...) made another of his little lovely scenes in Castles made of sand.

And finally, moko has a rather humorous jack sparrow fig. Not sure I like the face (don't know what would be better though) but the hair is nifty.

Yeh. That's it.


Weapons of the past and future (forget the present)

Chuck has a nifty futuristic bike, that while not terribly comfortable while riding, he has a rediculously cool fig to go with it, holding a beam sword similar to the one of the protagonist in the not-yet-released video game No More Heroes, by Suda51.

Also, brickshelf marakoestra, or Martin Jaspers, has updated his famous Characters folder. He's added some Barbarians (one with a very unique hammer...), a silver-and-black knight, and a few jolly soldiers sporting the new Star Wars helmets.

Via The Brothers Brick

Also, two neat new entries to the rover contest. I want to enter now!


Exo-force robots: now with less suckiness!

MOKO'S BRICKSHELF - Scientists announced today that they had recently discovered a method for removing excessive sux0r from Exo-Force robots. They announced a simple do-it-yourself fix for joint stiffness and exposed brains on the back of the head, as well as lack of Teletubby screens. These are the steps:

  1. If you're a n00b who wants directions, hire a professional.
  2. look at the pictures and do what you see.
Press photos also reveal what seems to be a jet pack. it appears to be constructed of the parts remaining after robot frame augmentation is complete.Dean for Moyblik, thank you for reading.


The CSF Moon Rover Contest

As I mentioned in my last post, Aaron Sneary has a Moon Buggy contest going on, and the entries are excellent:

  • Nick was the first to whip up an entry, and is now remaking it. I like the stoutness and heavy-duty ness of it.
  • Spook (who needs to post :O) made a wonderfully greeb'd open-cockpit buggy
  • Legohaulic has an awesome "Moon Jalopy" using ingenious inside-out wheels.
  • Mork has a beautiful Classic-space colored bumbling buggy.
  • Adrian Florea has a cute speedy-looking buggy, with wheels like Legohaulic's. He doesn't seem to want to enter it though...
  • Mr. Sneary himself has a rover, but it won't be entered, it's just a posterboy :D
I think after all the wheeled things he's made, otto should enter something!

On the other hand, I think I want to give Moyblik a customized banner. Any ideas for a background image, our trusty fans? :P

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