Red Planet

As much as we love things with guns, and things that make others things go boom, it's nice to see a
builder return to the true roots of spacey science fiction. Exploration, and the expansion of humanity into the final frontier.


I'm gettin' all nostalgic.

Keep your Nnenn. I still remember when he showed up and everyone was like "What is this? Megablocks? Modded bricks?!" That's not the point. He's great and all, but I'm not here to blog his stuff. I'm blogging a couple of lovely spaceshippy thingies (technical term) built by people who have been around as long as I remember, and whose creations greatly inspired me as I was first getting into the online Lego community.

Dan Rubin checks in with the Hornet bomber:

Justin Vaughn has imaginatively dubbed this one the "orange fighter."


Multiple Tims

Tim Goddard (RogueBantha) brings us a great microscale M-tron themed freighter:

Tim Gould takes a break from trains and presents a cyberpunk flying machine:

It reminds me of the Naboo starfighter from the Phantom Menace, but cooler. If you are in a train mood though, check out Nathan Proudlove's subway train. It's lime!

And if you haven't taken note already, there's a building challenge in the starfighters group on flickr.



Contrary to what you may have heard on other channels,(with reputed ties to the Communist party) there is but one side to this heated debate. And that's the right side. Go pro-green, go pro FREEDOM.


On Patrol

Adrian Florea brings us a cool mecha, in his dynamic, angular building style.

It's dark blue, too.


Geoff knows the music.

Geoff Herndon, AKA Tekka Croe, has built a very nice ODST drop pod. The main reason this is the best one I've ever seen is that it's not a box: Geoff has actually given it some complex shaping. The second feature that stands out from many other Lego drop pods is that the doors hinge rather than just coming off.

As the next part of the quotation I used in the title goes, "time to dance." This is clearly applicable, because below is a video, and videos move, and people who are dancing move. Get it?

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