I saw Wall-E yesterday. Excellent. Pixar cannot make a bad film... As usual, it was lovely animated action with some subtle (and not-so-subtle) undertones. Anyway, members of the lego community also seem to like the movie!

Prior to it's release, both Joe Meno and Angus MacLane built relatively large-scale Wall-Es (Via TBB, obviously), and now Mark Sandlin joins the fun with a smaller Wall-E!
Also, the prolific Jordan (Sir Nadroj) produced a wonderful realistically-scaled M-O today! [reference pic for those who haven't seen the movie]
EDIT: Jordan tells me the M-O is scaled to Joe Meno's Wall-E, making it about 1:3 scale. Smaller than I thought!

Crazy Izzo and those CRAZY JAPANESE PEOPLE

Izzo made this mech that reminds me of IGPX.


Look!.....More Brown


Jerac Builds Brown

And big. And Microscale. It's hella classy.
(Via TBB)

Micro Cowboy Bebop

Brickshelf user unpy has a little gallery of 3 micro-scale ships from the anime show Cowboy Bebop. I'm sure if I had seen the show more I would recognize them, but I only saw the movie and therefor only recognize the second two. Don't forget about Adrian Florea's amazing minifig-scale Swordfish II.


Post-fest poodlidoos

I am experiencing the lego fan equivalent of post-traumatic stress disorder; post-fest lack of excitement disorder! [See Nannan's photos for the whole run-down] It has been a slow two days since the conclusion of Brickworld for me, but not for others. Nick Dean, for example, has whipped out a sniper vignette that includes a not-yet-released brickarms weapon, the M21!
In other news, Jeremy, on flickr, made a lovely diorama for the post-apoc "Picking Up The Pieces" contest. Check out that mech!


Holy Shit

Niels Bugge built the most amazing fighter I've seen this year. I love the curves this baby has, and the color placement and distribution is perfect. But my favorite part is the shape. The engines and gun tucked under the body igve this craft a stern, no nonsense kind of look. Be sure to check all the pictures, including Bugge's usual construction shots. [Link]

CSF Buggy Group Build

Look! A blog post that isn't about a MOC!

Are you lacking inspiration to build? If that's the case, you might benefit from heading over to the Classic Space Forums and participating in the (unofficially named) CSF Buggy Group Build. The concept is that everyone builds a MOC off of the same concept art, and at the end, everyone can compare how they each interpreted it, and the techniques used to build it, etc, and thus hopefully become a better builder. There have been other group builds on CSF in the past, and they have all turned out some very interesting MOCs. There is no deadline, so if you have some time, why not head over to the build thread and try it?


JK builds a thingy-ma-bobber

Jehkay built, I blogged, you read. Gallery


Tattun does it again!

Check out this Patlabor mecha by tattun:

When I saw this, I was struck by the brick hinges at the back.

Oh, and guys, I'll be away for a week, so I hope you can keep the activity up until I return. ;]


Mobile Long-Range Artillery Platform

Tim Zarki's latest build is a real eye-catcher:

There's definitely something special here; I think part of it is the way the body rises to meet the turret at the back. Also, there are stabilizers that unfold from the back. Nifty!

Modularity Rox0rz

Nnenn is awesome. I love these things to death. Almost enough to make me want to build.

Paul's Rovers

Paul Meissner (legosamurai on flickr) has 3 adorable micro-scale rovers on flickr. I'll slap the photos up here:


TKH's Macross

Brickshelfer of anime mecha fame TKH kicks off his Macross gallery with four microscale models. As far as I can tell, they all can transform between all three modes:

g2g, byootiful sunset


More LRS 2

Remember the LRS? Well, it looks like kwi-chang has built a special HoverType Arrangement.

If I saw this crashing through downtown, I would spoil myself. The bold colouring and shapes are really something to see.

On a somewhat lighter note, have a look at this huge gallery of adorable chibi versions of transformers.


Tattun's "Tank"

Brickshelf Tattun is quickly becoming a favorite mecha builder of mine. Hitting it big for the first time was his/her vacuuming mecha, followed by some knock-out builds such as this and this (both fitting figs, mind you). And now, allow me to present "Tank."
While parts look rough, it's got lots of things I love in mechs. I love pronged feet and I love wheels on the legs as well. Plus, they fit figs too!



This diorama by pepik is chock-full of details. Have a look for yourself:


Colt VT

Brickshelf user rack911 has built a model of a Colt vertical tank (soucre). Yes, I go nuts every time someone builds a VT.



That is seriously what I thought when I saw squieu's latest mecha. I had to look through the pictures very carefully before I would believe that the two above models are one and the same.

Yes, this has already been posted. Yes, I'm breaking my own rule. But Nannan practically lives on the internet; how am I supposed to beat him? ;)

Who knows, maybe one of our readers doesn't also read The Brothers-Brick... nah, probably not.


What Shall I Post Today?

A lot of great creations have surfaced lately, from Ironing Man to this Japanese mascot whom I do not recognise. But, I think the spotlight today should fall on Brian Kescenovitz:


I Say Jump, You Say...

My black belt test was just as painful as I anticipated. It was over sunday, and I still can't walk normally.

But since this is, first and foremost a Lego® blog, that's what we'll do today.

Flickite Jehkay built an excellent battle platform so I figured I'd share it with you.

And our own Jacob produced this.



The LEGO Robotic Session is a project between the three (and arguably best) Japanese mecha builders: kwi-chang, Moko, and izzo. So far as I can tell, one of them builds a segment and posts it in the gallery so that the next can rebuild it and the next segment. They just finished their second session:

I haven't been able to read Brothers Brick lately so I hope they haven't already posted this! `-`

Oh, and remember Happy Robot Day? Meet Angry Robot.



Take a good look at jehkay's latest Skyfishing build. He's included a vast number of details each with a thought-out purpose (like my favourite, the pheremone dispensers). A good model is good, but when it comes with this kind of concise, effective description, it becomes great.

See the entire Skyfishing set here.


Desert Chicken Apparently Not Fried

Builder Squinty Eyes built the Desert Chicken (based on this).


Race-o-Rama AF2137--Interspecies Division

The name says it all. It's a bunch of animals racing around.

I like the Technic use on this one.

Adrian Florea's Nedleh Point

Adrian Florea is at it again with a floating-rock like fantasy trading post titled "Nedleh Point." Be sure to look at all the details in this beautiful creation.


Mark II Starfighter

Tim Gould's Mark II Starfighter incorporates inspired parts usage, a great colourscheme and a seamless integration of the most annoying canopy piece ever (to my knowledge).

Oh, and check out this nifty EVMS thingy that Tim Zarki built.


Happy Robot Day

I now proclaim the second day of each month to be Happy Robo Day! Today, we celebrate the non-homicidal side to our mechanical chums, and rejoice that they aren't always on a mission to kill all humans. Izzo is and Moko have done their part- what about you?



Izzo Vitzo

Izzo's latest build is his take on the Vitzh VT from Steel Battalion (or Tekki in Japan):

As always, izzo has constructed this mech, at least partially, on a frame.

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